Kindergarten Aim: To become familiar with letter recognition on the keyboard and to perform motor skills with the mouse.

    •    Keyboard

                        Practice writing/typing the alphabet

                        Practice writing/typing whole name

                        Alphabet Callout (Scavenger Hunt) 

    • Mouse
                        Fine tune hand position on mouse

                        Use a painting program for smooth movement

                        and clicking


    First Grade Aim: To become comfortable with the keyboard while using both hands. Become knowledgeable about letter location and develop eye/hand coordination with the mouse.

    •   Keyboard (Repetition is Key!)
                        Practice writing/typing alphabet  
                        Type spelling words of the week
                        Type name, address and phone number
                        Type Red Flag words
    •    Mouse
                         Painting Programs
                            (Ex. Microsoft Paint, Kidpix Deluxe 3)
                         Point and click games
                            (crayola.com, funschool.com)

    Second Grade Aim: To become skilled in keyboarding using the Home Row Keys. To become proficient using Microsoft Word.

    • Keyboard (Repetition is Key!)
                               Practice typing Right Hand words (Ex. pop,
                                        mom, hop, mop, jump, hi, no, etc...)
                               Practice typing Left Hand words (Ex. was, red,
                                        far, dress, west, bat, at, zest, etc...)

    Third Grade Aim: To become proficient in keyboarding using proper hand position. To become familiar with and use proper technology terms.

    • Keyboard
                    Home row, shift, space bar, enter, tab, backspace.
    • Technology Terms

    Icon, double click, scroll, right click, left click, copy, cut, paste, insert, minimize, maximize, log in, log off, shut down, ctrl-alt-del, save, open, home drive, window.


    Program names: Word, Internet Explorer, Publisher, Paint.


    Fourth Grade Aim:To apply keyboarding skills while using programs for researching, writing and reporting. To become proficient with using multiple programs at one time.
    •       Desktop Programs