• Science Testing

    The No Child Left Behind legislation mandates that, beginning in 2007, every student be tested in science at least once in each of three grade spans: 3-5; 6-9; and 10-12. In New York State, all students take the Elementary-Level Science Test in Fourth Grade, and the Intermediate-Level Science Test in Eighth Grade. Both of these tests include two components, which are administered on different days. The Performance Test at each level comprises three stations at which students perform a hands-on laboratory task and answer questions about the results based on the data they collect. The Written Test at each level consists of multiple-choice and constructed-response (open-ended) questions that are designed to assess student understanding of the content, processes and skills outlined in the Core Curriculum at each level. Use the links below to access the New York State Core Curricula in the areas indicated:

    Elementary Science (Grades K-4)


    Intermediate Science (Grades 5-8)


    Test Sampler drafts for the Written Test in Science at both the Elementary and the Intermediate Level can be accessed through the following link:

    Draft Science Test Samplers (Grades 4 and 8)


    In grades 9-12, students take the New York State Regents courses in science. All students at White Plains High School take the Regents Living Environment: Biology course, which culminates in the Regents Examination in this area. In tenth grade, students who were accelerated in science in eighth grade (refer to section below for more information) proceed to Regents or Honors Chemistry, which culminates in the Regents Examination in Chemistry. Students who are not accelerated in science move to Regents or Honors Earth Science in tenth grade, which culminates in the Regents Examination in Earth Science. The tenth-grade Regents Examination in one of these two subjects fulfills the No Child Left Behind requirement for testing in grades 10-12. For this reason, students who are accelerated in science in eighth grade MUST take Regents or Honors Chemistry in tenth grade – they may not take Chemistry in the Community, since this course does not end in a Regents Examination. Past Regents Examinations in all subjects can be accessed through the following link:

    Past Regents Examinations (all subjects)


    Most students at White Plains High School continue to take science in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Regents and Honors Chemistry and Physics each end in Regents Examinations. Elective courses that do not end in a Regents Examination include Chemistry in the Community, Action Physics, and Forensics, as well as Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science. Other electives are offered when student enrollment in the course warrants.