Forensic Science 4th Quarter Project


    What do you need to do?? Create a final review game J


    1st Possibility: Board Game;


    Overview: Students will create board games that review topics covered in class since September. The board games can follow any design you choose, but the design must relate in some way to a specific unit. The game must include questions about the unit and detailed instructions on how to play. After creating the games, we will spend a day playing one another's as a review for the upcoming final.


    Each game must include the following:


    1. A game board or set of cards that is interesting, colorful, interesting and creative
    2. At least 25 questions and answers for you game that relates to your topic
    3. A set of directions or rules of play

    Once you have finished designing their games, I suggest that you play the game to see if everything makes sense. The entire class will be playing these games during our review for the final

    2nd Possibility: Computer Game


    Create a Jeopardy PowerPoint or similar game to be used as a review for the final. In the game Jeopardy an answer is given and the participants must give a question that matches the answer.


    Each game must include the following:


    1. At least 25 questions and answers for you game
    2. NO word searches


    Website with game templates:




    DUE DATE: 5/23/2014
    EXTRA credit if early, points off if late


    This project is worth 20 credits toward your 4th Quarter grade!!!!!    You may work with a partner, no more than two per project

Last Modified on April 25, 2014