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    Madame Snell
       The focus of this class is communicating in French. We will work on all four language skills -- speaking, listening, reading, and writing - using present, past, and future tenses as well as conditional, imperative, and subjunctive modes . By the end of the year, the students will be able to hold conversations about topics of everyday life and understand spoken French when dealing with these topics. Students will also be able to write notes, e-mails, letters, short narrative and descriptive passages and will be able to understand written French such as advertisements, short biographies, short stories, short informational texts, and poems. In addition, students will learn about French and francophone cultures.
        Students must memorize vocabulary, study and memorize grammar rules, consistently do homework, pay attention and take notes in class. Students are also expected to participate actively in class by speaking French, remaining focused and cooperative during small-group work, volunteering to answer questions or write on the board, and using appropriate classroom behavior.
       Required materials: a 1" three-ring binder just for French, a spiral notebook or loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils or pens (blue or black ink only). Students are expected to keep their binder organized and bring it to class every day.
       In June, students in this class will be taking the LOTE Checkpoint B exam (comparable to a Regents exam).  By passing this exam, they will be eligible for the Advanced Regents Diploma.
    For Course Expectations and Grading Policies: FRENCH 3A-COURSE INFORMATION-2017-2018 
Last Modified on September 15, 2017