For the week of November 27-: 
    For Monday 11/27:
    For Tuesday 11/28: Finish up all missing or incomplete assignments AND your project. After tomorrow, HW assignments will lose 30% and the project will lose 10% every day until it is turned in.
    For Wednesday 11/29: Memorize the genders of the words I give you in class on Tuesday and finish the worksheet.
    For Thursday 11/30: STUDY!!!
    For Friday 11/01: TEST on Chapter 1b: classroom vocabulary, haben, sein, accusative case, yes/no questions.
    For the week of November 20-24: 
    For Monday 11/20:Study for the test on Tuesday.
    For Tuesday 11/21: TEST ON VOCAB (classroom and school materials) AND ACCUSATIVE
    For Wednesday 11/22: HALF DAY
    For Thursday 11/23: THANKSGIVING
    For the week of November 13-17: 
    For Monday 11/13: WB: pages 11-12
    For Tuesday 11/14: WS: vocabulary for info gap activity. INFO GAP-SCHOOL VOCAB.docx
    For Wednesday 11/15: WS:Sentences on info gap activity. INFO GAP-ANSWER SHEET.docx
    In class: Packet on numbers.
    For Thursday 11/16:Finish packet on numbers.
    In class: In computer lab. PROJECT: Create a word document or a power point slide showing a classroom with at least 20 different classroom items in it. Then, label the items in German. Include the definite articles (der/die/das) and don’t forget to capitalize all the nouns! Extra credit for additional items.
    For Friday 11/17: PROJECT: Finish your classroom picture and labels. Study the classroom/school vocabulary, the genders, the plurals, and the rules for the accusative. TEST on this material on Tuesday!
    For the week of November 6-10: 
    For Monday 11/6:
    For Wednesday 11/8:
    For Thursday 11/9: Textbook packet page 30 (bottom) and page 31, ex.1-3
    For Friday 11/10: VETERANS DAY
    For the week of October 23-27: 
    For Monday 10/23: New packet, Chapter 1b: Learn vocabulary on page 22 and do the exercises 1-3 on page 23.
    For Tuesday 10/24:
    For Wednesday 10/25:
    For Thursday 10/26:
    For Friday 10/27
    For the week of October 16-20:
    For Monday 10/16: Memorize the conjugated forms of the verb to be (sein) and the meanings of the subject pronouns (ich/du/er/sie/es/wir/ihr/sie/Sie). QUIZ on Monday. You will be asked to combine the pronouns with the correct form of sein.
    For Tuesday 10/17: 1) Finish pages 1-7 in the packet handed out in class (sein, genders, and pronouns). 2) Be prepared for another quiz on the verb sein and the pronouns. 3) Test on chapter 1 will include: Vocabulary (Begrüßung/Abschied/Höflichkeiten); alphabet/spelling; Grammar (Gender/articles/nouns/plurals/subject pronouns/the verb 'to be', sein). Start reviewing and studying!
    For Wednesday 10/18: Finish pages 8-12 in grammar packet. Review chapter 1, especially the vocabulary. Be prepared to write dialogues using both the informal and the formal 'you'.
    For Friday 10/20: CHAPTER 1 TEST!
    For the week of October 2-6:
    For Monday 10/2: QUIZ ON MONDAY on the words on the latest vocabulary list. Learn the meanings and the genders!
    For Tuesday 10/3: Review the power point from class today: PLURALS-PPT. Study for your quiz tomorrow on genders!!
    For Wednesday 10/4: In the TB packet (white), do the exercise on the bottom of page 14 and exercises 1-3 on page 15; in the WB packet (yellow), do pages 5-6.
    For Thursday 10/5: Review the power point on the verb "to be" (sein) and the personal subject pronouns and memorize both the verb conjugation and the pronouns. Also, TB bottom of page 17 and all of page 18; WB pages 7 & 8.
    For Friday 10/6:
    For the week of September 25-29: 
    For Monday 9/25: No HW!
    For Tuesday 9/26: In your TB packet (white), do the exercises on the bottom of page 11 and all the exercises on page 12. Start memorizing the new nouns WITH their definite and indefinite articles.
    For Wednesday 9/27: Do pages 3-4 in the workbook packet (yellow) and fill in as many translations as you can on the vocabulary list.
    For Thursday 9/28:   Memorize the nouns and their genders on the vocabulary list. Make either color-coded flashcards, a quizlet set and print out flashcards, or a Kahoot game. Show them to me tomorrow/Friday. 
    For Friday 9/29: QUIZ ON MONDAY on the words on the latest vocabulary list. Learn the meanings and the genders!

    For the week of September 18-22:
    For Monday 9/18: Memorize the rest of your verb list from "Polite Expressions" to the end. Make either real flashcards or a set of flashcards on Quizlet. You could also make a Kahoot game!
    VOCAB LIST (Click on this link for the list.)
    For Tuesday 9/19: 1) Mosaik 1, page 5, exercise 2: Listen to the audio file, ACTIVITY 2-PRACTICE SPELLING (if this link doesn't work, go to the German 3 page on this website and click on the same link.). Then record yourself saying exactly the same thing: say the word, then spell the word in German. Record yourself on your phone and send to frausnell@gmail.com or to my school email.
    2) Study vocabulary (see below). Make either real flashcards or a set of flashcards on Quizlet. You could also make a Kahoot game! (Bonuspunkte!)
    For Wednesday 9/20: Study for a vocabulary quiz on the expressions on your list (VOCAB LIST) from 'Polite Expressions' to the end.
    For Thursday 9/21:   NO SCHOOL
    For Friday 9/22: NO SCHOOL
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