DEUTSCH 1 - 2 Accelerated
    DACH and flags
        In German 1 and 2 accelerated, students will learn the basics of communicating in German. We will practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing about everyday topics such as personal information, school, family, leisure activities, shopping, foods, house and home, travel and transportation, etc. Students will be able to understand basic questions and greetings and respond appropriately. They will also be able to write postcards, simple notes or e-mails, and short descriptive paragraphs. They will be able to read advertisements, letters, articles, and short stories, plays, or poems.
           Students must memorize vocabulary, study and memorize grammar rules, consistently do homework, pay attention and take notes in class. Students are also expected to participate actively in class by speaking German, remaining focused and cooperative during small-group work, volunteering to answer questions or write on the board, and using appropriate classroom behavior.
       Required materials: a 1" three-ring binder just for German, a spiral notebook, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils or pens (blue or black ink only) and erasers. Students are expected to keep their binder organized and bring it to class every day.
    For Course Objectives and Grading Policy:  GERMAN 1-2-COURSE INFORMATION-2016-17
Last Modified on September 18, 2016