The Mission
    of the
    WISE Individualized Senior Experience
    (WISE Services)
    to “develop a program of individualized, student- designed, interest driven projects and internships in close collaboration with parents, teacher-mentors and community resources so that students of all ability levels will experience a transition from the world of school by applying and expanding their academic knowledge and skills in a real world setting during their senior year.”Learn more about the Wise program.


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    White Plains High School
    Teacher Coordinator-Mrs.Gillings Gayle
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    Originally  piloted at  Woodlands High school in 1972, the WiSe Program (Wise  Individualized Senior Experience)  is now  offered in more that 80 schools across the United States.  High school seniors have the opportunity to explore, outside of the regular school day , topics of personal  interest and development.
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    White Plains High seniors begin the journey at a Recruitment Luncheon in  the Fall by signing up with the Wise Teacher Coordinator and the WISE  Community Taskforce  who will assist them in accessing community, technological and other resources as the seniors  engage in  project planning for this  exciting personal quest.

     Each WiSE Candidate chooses a staff mentor who will be a personal guide during the project. Once the official Kick Off Luncheon  takes place in February, seniors start to document their experiences through journal writing .They spent the next few months  on internships,practicing various research models, learning new skills, honing their speech, business communication, and presentation skills.

     In May,WiSE Candidates are scheduled for individual Presentations with a panel of WiSE personnel and other guests .Once these and other criteria in the WiSE  guidelines are adhered to seniors earn1/2 academic credit toward graduation   in June.

         The  WISE Program 
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