• Welcome to the 10th Grade English Honors Reminders Page!
    Final Examination - Thursday June 13th at 11:35 am. Please find the review handout on the webpage. It will be posted on Tuesday June 11th.
    The quarter is now coming to a close. Our final essay assignment, a synthesis essay worth a test grade, was due on Thursday June 6th at 11:59 p.m. Late essays must still be submitted to Turnitin.com. Also, if you have not yet done so, please bring a hard copy of your essay (typed and stapled) together with your three pro/con research charts (with the URL for the source that you found on your own OR a hard copy if the source is not available online). The research charts are worth TEN points of the final essay grade. Helpful handouts, sources, and assignment sheets can be found on the homework page.
    Also, please continue to study vocabulary! In preparation for your final exam, you need to study ALL four vocabulary lists AND ALL of the 'No Excuse Spelling Words.' You also need to know the words on the 'Writing Techniques List of Literary Devices.' All lists can be found at the links below.
    Below, please find a quizlet link to help you to study:
    Lastly, continue to study grammar. There is a grammar section on the final examination. We will be reviewing next week (June 5th, 6th, 7th). Please be sure to bring your grammar booklet to class.
    Continue to study new and old vocabulary words as well as your "No Excuse Spelling Words."  In preparation for your fourth quarter vocabulary test, please continue to study all of the 'No Excuse' spelling words, and all three of your vocabulary lists as well as your list of writing techniques and literary devices. All lists can be found at the links below.
    FYI - As we enter the fourth quarter, please be sure to check this website daily for updates on upcoming assessments and assignment due dates. Also, be sure to see me in advance when you are having trouble keeping up with class work, and do not hesitate to email me assignments, questions, or concerns.
    Vocabulary Study Lists and useful handouts are below for your convenience:
    Useful: Tone Words
    Useful Handouts
    All the best,
    Mrs. DeMella 
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