• Miscellaneous Facts about Mr. Roher:

    1. When Mr. Roher was born, the biggest building in White Plains was six stories high.
    Was that:
    a. 1978
    b. 1968
    c. The year 8
    2. Mr. Roher was born here in White Plains.
    Did he grow up in:
    a. The Highlands
    b. Dekalb
    c. On Silver Lake
    3. Mr. Roher began teaching, he was :
    a. Gym Teacher
    b. Fourth grade teacher
    c. Linear Algebra teacher
    4. Mr. Roher's favorite book is Catcher in the Rye.
    His favorite part of the book is:
    a. When Holden realizes that children need to learn by "doing"
    b. When Holden talks about the ducks in Central Park
    c. When Pheobe asking Holden what he wants to do with his life
    5. Mr. Roher's favorite activity is:
    a. Swimming
    b. Biking
    c. Running
    d. All of the above