In 1945, the leaders of the world appeared to all sing in unison the phrase "never again." This was the response to the horrific events that took place in Eastern Europe and Germany that we know today as the Holocaust. The Holocaust that occurred during World War II was humanity, latest example of its utter contempt for its fellow humans. So destructive was the Holocaust that almost all of the participants, (including the bystanders) lost (some more than others) a piece of their humanity. This course is designed to examine why humans are prone to act in ways that ultimately question all of our humanity and the respect that we may or may not hold for each other. The first half of the course focuses on the movement that led to what we refer to today as Human Rights. The first part also analyzes the variables, or “isms” (class, race, gender, orientation, and age) that are frequently cited as  reasons for why humans have in the past and present behaved in ways that are more than embarrassing and beyond shameful. The second half of the class will invite students to examine specific periods/events in history where humanity allowed the worst within us and amongst us to shine. The events that we will focus on will be post Holocaust genocides. This will allow students to realize that many of today’s world leaders continue to fail to live up to the refrain of “never again.”