• Phy Ed Health Flow Chart


    Physical Education in the White Plains School District is an integral part of the total educational program for each student.  It contributes to the development of the individual through physical activity and human movement.  The Physical Education Curriculum is designed to develop life-long participants in physical activity.  White Plains Physical Education includes the development of aquatics skills, physical fitness, motor skills, individual and team sport skills, social skills and experiential learning skills.  In addition, it is the responsibility of the White Plains School District to provide suitable physical education activities for children with special needs.  For students with special needs every attempt will be made to closely follow the regular Physical Education curriculum with appropriate modifications whenever deemed necessary.  The Physical Education program requires all Freshmen take Aquatics and all Sophomores take Fitness.  Juniors and Seniors may choose elective courses in Adventure Sports, Life Saving, Project Adventure, Yoga & Pilates, Strength Training, Leisure Sports, Lifetime Sports, Team Sports and Bigger, Faster, Stronger.  It is the responsibility of every White Plains student to attend, participate in, and successfully complete physical education each year.  Each year, one-half credit will be earned by students for completing this requirement.  Students must earn two credits in Physical Education to be eligible to graduate.

    AQUATICS:  Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grade 9,10

    This course includes a “Learn to Swim” component for non-swimmers and stroke technique components at the intermediate and  advanced levels for swimmers.  Water safety is a critical component of the Aquatics course.  All students are required to complete a water safety project to ensure their personal health and well-being. Other components include water games, snorkeling, and basic kayaking skills.  Throughout the course, safety in and around the water, basic lifesaving and first aid techniques, and good decision making in and around open water are covered.

    FITNESS AND AESTHETICS:  l year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grade 9,10

    This course teaches students all the basics of physical fitness including:  the components of fitness, how to engage safely in physical activity, how to be an informed consumer, how to set personal health and fitness goals; the basics of good nutrition; basic anatomy and physiology.  Students will be exposed to cardio-vascular activities, strength building, Yoga/Pilates, circuit training, and fitness room etiquette.  Students will engage in a standardized fitness test to measure their progress toward personal goals.  By the end of the course, students will have designed their own personal fitness and wellness program.

    LIFETIME SPORTS:   Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12 

    This course introduces students to a variety of lifetime sporting activities, all of which promote general health and well-being. This course is made up of activities such as, cross training fitness techniques, tennis, badminton, pickle ball, golf, ultimate Frisbee, and bowling. Students will explore the fitness benefits of lifetime sports activities and will gain knowledge in the equipment utilized and community resources available for participation

    ADVENTURE SPORTS:  Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    These activities are considered more adventurous than traditional team and leisure sport activities and include:  mountain biking, rollerblading, orienteering/cross country skiing, snowshoeing, archery, hiking, and camping.  Students will learn the skills necessary to participate safely and achieve maximum enjoyment and fitness benefits.  In addition, participants will gain the knowledge needed to school setting to attain and maintain lifelong fitness and wellness.

    PROJECT ADVENTURE: Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire and practice essential life skills and to enhance self-esteem.  Participants make informed decisions as consumers in selecting equipment and clothing for adventure based activities.

    YOGA PILATES PLUS:  Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    This course is designed to provide students with alternative activities for becoming physically fit and healthy.  Students will gain an in-depth experience in various forms of Yoga and Pilates.  Other forms of strength building and cardiovascular exercise will be   explored as well as stress reduction and relaxation techniques.   The goal of this course is for students to discover a form of exercise they can pursue outside of the  learn to solve problems, make decisions, set goals and develop communication skills in an atmosphere that is challenging, supportive, and fun.

    LIFESAVING/FIRSTAID/CPR:  Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    This elective course combines swimming, lifesaving skills, and knowledge and skills necessary to deal with medical emergencies.  After the successful completion of this course, students may be eligible to receive American Red Cross Certificates in Life Guarding, Standard First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer (B.L.S.), which may prepare students to seek employment as lifeguards at swimming pools, lakes and beaches.  Students must be able to pass endurance and timed swim tests before admittance to the course.  All students are required to volunteer for service during lunchtime swim  programs.  Prerequisite: One full credit in Physical  Education and the ability to swim

    STRENGTH TRAINING:  Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    This course focuses on one particular aspect of fitness, building muscular strength and endurance.  Students will learn how to use various types of weight stations and machines, proper fitness club etiquette and how to design a strength and conditioning program.  Students in this course will maintain a fitness portfolio that will include a personally designed program and information for maintaining lifetime fitness and wellness.

    BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER: Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    This course is designed for athletes to elevate their level of play.  Students will earn the fundamental exercise techniques and drills necessary for developing strength, power, agility and speed for any sport.  Participants will learn complex performance-optimizing lifts, including the squat, dead lift, power clean, and bench press. All students’ progress will be tracked throughout the year to show strength gains.  Proper nutrition for athletes will be taught and a customized meal plan will be created for each student.  Athletes will be required to read Be An 11, Guidebook for Success.  During the in-season and off-season, the customizable programs can  accommodate any sport and every level of competition.  Based on the latest research and followed by tens of thousands of the nation’s top athletes, Bigger, Faster, Stronger can elevate your play so you can beat the competition.

    YOGA, MEDITATION, AND MINDFULLNESS:  Full year (alt days) – ½ credit, Grades 11,12

    This course will incorporate the numerous forms of yoga in an introductory manner.  Meditation, relaxation techniques and stress reduction will be explored.  The concept of mindfulness will be presented and expounded on.  This course is devised to address    anxiety, stress, flexibility and relaxation.


    HEALTH EDUCATION:  Half year - ½ credit, Grades 10,11,12

    This required course, usually scheduled in sophomore year, includes the following topics:  Mental Health, Substance Abuse  Prevention Education, Nutrition, Disease Control, Medical Care/Consumer Education, Hazards in the Environment, and Family Living/Human Sexuality.  This course is designed to teach and develop life skills for health and wellness.  Students are expected to complete the health requirement by the end of grade 10.