• Q: Will visitors be allowed at our schools? 
    A: Due to safety reasons and contact tracing requirements, only essential visits will be permitted. These visits will be appointment only.  
    Q: If I have an appointment for an essential visit to the school, how should I enter?  
    A: Parents are requested to have an appointment before arriving at our schools for essential visits. Appointments will be verified before any entry into our buildings. Upon entering the lobby, all visitors must present identification, answer a series of health screening questions and submit to temporal scan.  Anyone whose answers indicate potential exposure to COVID-19 or has a temperature 100.4 or higher will not be permitted into the building. Once cleared through the visitor management system, the visitor will receive a visitor badge before proceeding to their destination. 

    Q: If my child forgets their medication, can I drop it off at school?  
    A: Yes. Medication is considered essential.  

    Q: If my child forgets their lunch, instrument or cellphone, can I drop them off at school? 
    A: No. With the exception of specific dietary requirements, these items are not considered essential. In the event that your child forgets their lunch, instrument or cellphone, the district will provide lunch and the child will go without their instrument or phone for the day.  

    Q: What is the drop off/pick up procedure for students? 
    A: Each individual school is working with district personnel to determine how different cohorts can safely enter and exit the building. Specifics for each school will be announced by building principals prior to the start of school in their start of the year welcoming communication.