• Q. Where can I find building specific scheduling, communication and attendance?   
    A: Information will be sent home to families before the start of the school year. Information is also available on your school website. 
    Q: Will the school day follow a regular schedule? 
    Yes. Students will follow the schedule of a typical school day. 
    Q: Will elementary students have recess? If so, will recess be outside if conditions permit?   
    A: Yes, the children will have recess outside, weather permitting. 
    Q: Will students still have field trips?  
    A: Field trips will be approved under the condition that the location to be visited is open to the public and does not require disclosing vaccination status. 
    Q: Will students stay in the same classroom all day?  
    A: Students will follow a typical school schedule. 
    Q: How will physical education work for all grades?  
    A: Students will still participate in physical education classes. Classes will be modified to accommodate safety and social distancing requirements.  
    Q. How will the district decide if there is a need to go fully remote? Will that decision be made districtwide, or on a more individual basis (school, class, etc.)?    
    A: The district will collaborate with the local health department to determine the parameters, conditions or metrics (e.g., increased absenteeism or increased illness in the school community) that will serve as early warning signs that positive COVID-19 cases may be increasing beyond an acceptable level. Schools will close in accordance with State and local health department guidelines. 
    Q: Will students be able to participate in band or chorus?  
    A: Yes, the goal is for students to be able to participate in these electives.  
    Q: If my child has to stay home because they are sick, how can  they participate in their classwork? 
    A: Students who are sick may access asynchronous assignments on the students Learning Management System (Schoology or Seesaw), if available. Parents/guardians should follow school procedures for any missed assignments.  
    Q: If my child is quarantined and needs to remain at home, how can they participate in their classwork? 
    A: Students who are quarantined may access asynchronous assignments posted on the student’s Learning Management System (Schoology or Seesaw). We are planning to offer additional academic support to our students while on quarantine through a Quarantined Instructional Continuity (QIC) program that will offer after school support with content area specialists.