• Q: Where can I find the remote learning technology resources and instructions for staff, students, and families?
    A: https://www.whiteplainspublicschools.org/remotelearning

    Q: What is the distribution process for iPads for students?
    A: For grades K-6, each school will notify you of the distribution process for your student to get an iPad. For grades 7-8, each student has an iPad from their previous grade. For grades 9, each student has an iPad from their previous grade. For grades 10, each student will be getting a new iPad (school will notify on distribution). For grades 11-12, students will need complete the online request form to loan out an iPad and the school will coordinate distribution of those requests.  New iPads are expected arrive in Mid-October and at the time, all grade 11 and 12 students will get a new iPad.

    Q: Who should I contact if I need assistance with district iPad or district software system?
    A: Email your child’s teacher. If further help is needed, contact the helpdesk at https://lhric.service-now.com/student

    Q: What if my family does not have WiFi at home?  
    A: Please fill out the district’s WiFi sign up form at the start of the school year. The district will allow students who do not have Wifi to connect their district’s iPad to our Altice/Optimum network.  

    Q: Will the district provide webcams?  
    A: All iPads are equipped with cameras and microphones. Classroom teachers will have a webcam mounted onto their monitor if they do not have a built-in camera on their desktop computer.