• Q: Where can I find building specific scheduling, communication and attendance?  
    A: Information will be mailed home to families before the start of the school year. Information is also available on our reopening plan.  

    Q: Will elementary students have recess? If so, will recess be outside if conditions permit?   
    A: Elementary students will still participate in recess. Elementary principals will work with staff to develop alternative recess activities that abide by social distancing guidelines. Playground equipment will be cleaned per CDC guidance.  

    Q: Will students still have assemblies? Field trips?  
    A: Pursuant to NYSDOH guidance, schools must ensure that appropriate social distancing is maintained between individuals while in school facilities and on school grounds (inclusive of students, faculty, and staff). Because of these guidelines, assemblies, field trips and other large-group activities will not be held at this time.   

    Q: Will students stay in the same classroom all day? 
    A: School schedules will be designed to minimize the movement of students within the building.  To the extent possible, students will remain in small cohorts if or when leaving the classroom, such as for recess or any necessary transition, so as to reduce their exposure to additional students.  

    Q: How are classes being formed at the middle and high school level?   
    A: Students will receive their schedules and will follow their schedules consistently. Families will receive more information about schedules, including specials, before the start of school year. Parents and guardians will also be given opportunities to speak with their child’s building principal through a virtual forum.   

    Q: How will physical education work for all grades?  
    A: Students will still participate in Physical Education classes. Classes will be modified to accommodate safety and social distancing requirements.  

    Q: How will the district decide if there is a need to go fully remote? Will that decision be made districtwide, or on a more individual basis (school, class, etc.)?   
    A: The district will collaborate with the local health department to determine the parameters, conditions or metrics (e.g., increased absenteeism or increased illness in the school community) that will serve as early warning signs that positive COVID-19 cases may be increasing beyond an acceptable level.  At a minimum, schools will close in accordance with direction from the governor and New York State Department of Health if the 7-day rolling regional average of the infection rate rises above 9%. In that instance, schools throughout the region must wait until the 14-day average is below 5% before reopening, and permission must be grated from the local department of health and other governing agencies.  The district will be notified by the local department of health regarding the status of infection rates. The district reserves the right to modify operations prior to closing to help mitigate a rise in cases.   

    Q: If we go to a hybrid model, what happens on the days students are not in school? Will they have work to do?  
    A: Yes, students will have work to do when they are not in school. They will be expected to check in for daily attendance.  

    Q: Will there be specific guidelines for students when they are working remotely?  
    A: Yes, teachers will be providing guidelines for work on days that students are not in-person. There will be specific attendance requirements for virtual learning days for all students. Virtual days are still considered school days.  

    Q: Will students be able to participate in band or chorus?  
    A: Yes, the goal is for students to be able to participate in these electives. The district is still currently working on the logistics for these specials.  

    Q: If my child has to stay home because they are sick, should they participate in their classes virtually?  
    A: Students should always participate in their assigned classwork as their health allows. As always, they would be responsible for checking in with their teacher on the next day that they are able to participate in class.  

    Q: Will remote learning for the youngest learners be accommodating to working families? Or will they be required to log in at specific times during the day?  
    A: Once we have a finalized model and staffing in place, we will ask that each teacher contact families on these concerns.  

    Q: Will parents receive workshops about how to support their child’s learning at home?  
    A: Yes, the district is creating a plan to create workshops, webinars and/or meetings that will help parents and guardians navigate through the technology   

    Q: How will teachers manage their virtual classrooms and make sure students are doing what they are supposed to be doing, behaving properly, etc.?  
    A: Teachers are going to do their absolutely best to engage their students whether they are at home or in the classroom, just as they do any other school year.  We all acknowledge that this may be difficulties for students and their families. To that end, we are committed to partnering and communicating with parents and guardians on a regular basis to make sure that we’re managing their expectations and helping families move through a new situation.   

    Q: How will reading and math assessments be handled with students who are learning remotely?   
    A: The district will be working with teachers to develop assessment plans so that we’ll be able to measure learning gaps that may have occurred with each individual student and assess areas of the curriculum that may need extra attention. Curriculum areas may be adjusted to ensure that students have mastered an area before moving onto another lesson.   

    Q: Will there be one-on-one teacher-student live interaction for students who are learning remotely?   
    A: Yes. Time will be built into each students’ schedules.   

    Q: How will teachers be supported during the school year? Teaching remote and hybrid students at the same time seems like a huge undertaking.   
    A: The district is committed to giving our teachers consistent and ongoing staff. This is one of the reasons why Wednesdays have been set aside as a remote day for all students. We have set aside Wednesday afternoons for professional development.  We’ve learned a great deal since March 2020 in terms of what works well and what doesn’t, but recognize that this is an undertaking that will need to be assessed and improved again and again. We encourage parents and guardians to be in constant communication with teachers so that teachers can quickly identify what is or is not working for a student or their family. As teachers identify what needs adjusting, the district will help support them in that effort.   

    Q: Are pre-k students following different protocols? Why?   
    A: The pre-k classrooms are following the protocols that have been given to them by the office that runs the childcare unit. They are permitted to have up to 16 students in a classroom. It’s recognized that pre-k students may have a harder time keeping a mask on or social distancing so teachers will place a strong focus on consistent hand and toy washing/sanitizing.