• Q: Will breakfast and lunch be provided at each school?
    A. On a daily basis in every school building, a cold grab-n-go breakfast will be offered.  For lunch, an option of a hot or cold lunch will be offered.

    Q: What will the meals consist of?
    A. Breakfast and lunch meals will consist of the specified meal components under the National SchoolBreakfast and Lunch programs.  These meal patterns are the same as were followed during the regular school year.  Meal options will be posted on our website.  

    Q. Do students have to pay for their meals?
    A. Meals will be purchased on the same basis as in the regular year.  Free and reduced students will pay $0 for breakfast and lunch, paid students will pay $1.50 for breakfast and $3 for lunch.  Students will need to provide their ID or name when purchasing a meal. 

    Q. For those who need to pay for their meals, how will that be done?
    A. We will be working on a cashless system.  For students who are on a paid status, they will need to have their accounts funded.  This can be done through MySchoolBucks.com or by sending a check or cash to cafeteria manager.

    Q. Will there be any options to purchase snacks, beverages and other a la carte items?
    A. At this point there will be no a la carte options to purchase. 

    Q. If my child was approved for free and reduced meals last year does that status carry over for this year?
    A. All previous years’ statuses will expire on October 16, 2020.  A new free and reduced application must be submitted for the new school year.  Application forms can be found on our website, in the cafeterias and in the building main offices.

    Q. Will meals be available for remote learners?
    A. On a daily basis, each building site will have a distribution location where students and parents can pick up a grab-n-go breakfast and lunch.  Proof of being a WPCSD student is required to pick up meals.  Students can pick up meals from any of the 9 district buildings.  Times and locations will be sent to families at the start of the school year.

    Q. Will meals be prepared in a safe manner?
    A. All district food service operations will follow Westchester Department of Health regulations as well as our district’s safety regulations regarding COVID guidelines.  This includes the use of face shields, masks, gloves and constant daily sanitizing.  

    Q: How will you accommodate students with food allergies?   
    A: Students with food allergies should send a notice to the school district at the start of the school year. We will make sure classrooms are notified not to bring a certain food item into the school building, such as nut butter.