• Q: Will breakfast and lunch be provided at each school? 
    A. On a daily basis in every school building, a grab-n-go breakfast will be offered, for consumption in the classroom. For lunch, an option of a hot or cold lunch will be offered. 

    Q: Do students have to pay for their meals? 
    A: No. The federal and state government is providing all breakfast and lunch free of charge to students, through June of 2022. 

    Q: Will there be any options to purchase snacks, beverages and other a la carte items? 
    A: Yes.  

    Q: Do I need to complete a new application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals/Education Benefit Application Form?  
    A: Families should complete their applications by October 9, 2021. Although meals will be provided free of charge this school year, completing an application is important as it may entitle families to additional benefits. 

    Q: Will meals be prepared and served in a safe manner?
    A. All district food service operations will follow Westchester Department of Health regulations as well as our district’s safety regulations regarding COVID guidelines.  This includes the use of face shields, masks, gloves and constant daily sanitizing.  Barriers may be utilized in the cafeterias and classrooms where necessary. 

    Q: How will you accommodate students with food allergies?   
    A: Students with food allergies should send a notice to the school district at the start of the school year. We will make sure classrooms are notified not to bring a certain food item into the school building, such as nut butter.