• Q: How will a student be marked “absent,” “present” or “tardy” during remote learning?   
    A: There will be an expectation for daily attendance of all students. All attendance procedures will be in full effect whether students are in-person or remote.   

    Q: Will I be notified if my child has been marked “absent” or “tardy” during remote learning?   
    A: Yes. Families will receive information about attendance protocols at the start of the school year.   

    Q: What do we do if my child’s school laptop breaks or stops working?   
    A: If a student’s laptop or device breaks or stops working, you should immediately notify your teacher or building principal so that they are aware of the situation and can direct you accordingly.   

    Q: How can we get technology help from the school?   
    A: Tech support to classrooms will be remote as much as possible. In the event, a classroom visit is needed, it will be done through helpdesk by appointment. There will be tech support for students and parents via an online Help Desk form and phone number.