• 6.0 Extracurricular Activities

    Generally, most Extracurricular Activities will be on pause during Phases 1-3. The district will continue to evaluate opportunities to make these activities available based on State guidance.

    The use of school facilities by outside groups will be limited to only those deemed essential by the district. Should the district make a determination to provide some Extracurricular Activities, they will generally focus on those with little or no physical contact.

    6.01 Athletics

    The district will follow the guidance of the National Federation of State High School Associations[1], which writes the rules of competition for most high school athletics.  Some sports may be added that involve less physical and do not involve shared equipment. Sports will be made available as conditions permit and based on their respective risk levels as follows:

    • Lower-risk sports include:
      • Cross country (with staggered starts),
      • Golf
      • Weightlifting
      • Sideline cheerleading
    • Moderate-risk sports include:
      • Basketball
      • Volleyball
      • Baseball
      • Soccer
      • Gymnastics
      • Tennis
      • Girls’ Lacrosse
    • High-risk sports include
      • Wrestling
      • Football
      • Boys’ Lacrosse
      • Competitive Cheerleading

    In Phase 2:

    • Locker rooms will remain closed
    • Student-athletes will be required to wear face coverings except during swimming, distance running, or other high-intensity aerobic activities
    • Workouts may be conducted in cohorts with the same five to 10 students always working out together
    • Students should avoid sharing balls during workouts

    In Phase 3:

    • Students will continue working out in cohort groups
    • Locker rooms may reopen if social distancing is maintained
    • Practices and competitions for lower-risk sports (see above) may resume
    • Moderate-risk sports practices may resume with modifications for social distancing and sharing
    • Gatherings of up to 50 people both outdoors and indoors may be permitted (based on State guidance)
    • Competitions for moderate-risk sports may begin, and high-risk sports practices can begin with some modifications. In all phases, increased hygiene and sanitation measures will be critical. Student-athletes should wear face coverings in phase one and two, except during swimming, distance running, or other high-intensity aerobic activities

    [1] https://www.nfhs.org/media/3812287/2020-nfhs-guidance-for-opening-up-high-school-athletics-and-activities-nfhs-smac-may-15_2020-final.pdf