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    Student/Athlete's in motion
    Physical Education, which includes Aquatics, is a year course and is also a New York State requirement for graduation and is worth one credit.
    My teaching philosophy is this:
    Why is Physical Education Important?
    Physical education is important because it provides students with knowledge of how to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. 
     Dr. Hesslow was asked what role does physical activity play in the development of learning?" Dr. Hesslow said that all things being equal, a physically active child will have an ADVANTAGE in learning and that an Inactive child is at a DISADVANTAGE for learning. Quality physical education provides needed physical activity in the school day and that gives students an advantage for learning, and therefore, may help increase student achievement.
     The content of this webpage is geared to help all students and parents have a better understanding of what the Physical Education Department does to enhance the health and well being of each and every student at White Plains High School.

    First Quarter Activities- From 9/05/18 to 11/09/18
    Photo Id pictures(9/5-7/2018), Lockers and locks assigned(9/-7-18/2018, Health screening(9/12-18/2018), Class safety rules review(Everyday), Swimming Assessment for group placement and water games and activities that lead to first skills learned in all three groups(9/5-28-2018).
    9/12/18-10/12/18 -Learn Progression drill for the front crawl/Freestyle stroke.-Grading Rubric
    Second Quarter: 11/13/18 --- 1/25/19
    Students will continue to work on the Freestyle,Backstroke  and Breaststroke technique in competitive swimming. Groups two and three will be tested in backstroke and Breaststroke and group one will continue to be tested on the frontcrawl or freestyle.
    Students will be participating in one of three groups that allows them to learn at their own pace. This will be determined through pre-assessment of swim ability at the start of the quarter and will be on going as swimmers improve their swim strokes.
    Students will be participating in learn to swim lessons and swim stroke improvement. Student will learn various techniques to help with swimming efficiency. The progression drill among many will be introduced to help in all aspects of swimming technique improvement.
    Student will be assigned homework to further enhance the learning experience and help develop strokes/skills taught. These assignments are part of the Formative assessment scores (80 points).
    Students will be learning the Backstroke and the Breaststroke for the second quarter grade. 
    The last two weeks of the quarter will be for stroke assessment and all make up classes must be completed by this time.
    Good luck to all!
    Third Quarter Activities:  3/4/19 - 4/5/19 
    Students will be learning the butterflystroke and Diving for this quarter and it is very important that all students take part everyday in order to acquire the necessary skills to do well this quarter.
    All test can be re-taken during the quarter and all classes must be made up.
    If extra help is needed student can attend study hall to help improve swim skills.
    Fourth Quarter: 4/8/19 -- 6/26/19
    Water polo skills ,Water polo test drills, and Kayaking will be taught this quarter and students will have plenty of time to do well in each activity during the quarter. Water polo skills to be assessed are dribbling, cradling or ball handling while in deep water, passing a "wet pass" and passing "a Dry ball" skills, Game knowledge and rules in a game situation. All test must be taken inorder to earn points toward your grade. 
    All medically excused students must have all written work in before the end of the week of the first week in June.
    Good luck!
    Congratulations to all students who "earned" a passing grade in aquatics, in the water, this  past school year. Enjoy your summer and see you next year.
    This is for all new freshmen students coming into high school next school year, enjoy your summer and look forward to working with you next year.
    Yes, summer is here!