2020-21 School Year News and Information

    Many district procedures and practices have been modified for the 2020-21 school year due to COVID-19. This page on the district's website provides a guide to those changes. The following information pertains to health services only. 

    Daily Health Screenings

    The safety of the staff, students and their families remain the White Plains City School District’s top priority.  To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure, we require your participation in a daily health screening. Your participation is important and will help us take precautionary measures to protect our school community.  We ask that you complete this screening every day on behalf of yourself or your child(ren).  Learn more about the district's Daily Health Screenings.

    Statement of Assurance 

    At the start of the school year, we asked parents and guardians to fill out a Statement of AssuranceThis statement acknowledges that you will conduct a daily health screening with your child(ren) everyday they come to school. If you have any questions about this form, please contact the nurse in your child's school. 

    COVID-19 Cases

    The district will report positive cases daily to the state Department of Health’s COVID Report Card dashboard. Anyone who is suspected of COVID-19 will be directed to contact their health care provider for evaluation and possible testing. State local health departments will be notified immediately of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual in school facilities or on school grounds.

    Contact tracing and quarantine orders will be directed by the local health department. The district will participate fully in all contact tracing efforts so that local health officials can contact and notify families of any possible exposure to COVID-19, and direct families of the necessary steps (testing, quarantine, etc.)

    COVID-19 Exposure Guidance 

    As more cases of COVID-19 are identified or suspected, and families are encouraged to quarantine, it is important that there is a common understanding of the risk to contacts of contacts of a suspected or confirmed case. Read more about identifying who is at risk for exposure

    Screening Flow Chart for Symptomatic Students and Staff at School 

    Click here to view a flow chart that examines what to do if a student or staff member is feeling symptomatic.

    Return to School Documentation

    If a student fails their health screening at school, they will be isolated, sent home and referred to their family health care provider for a doctor’s note.  The student needs to be symptom and fever free without medication for 72 hours in order to return. 

    School Nurse Directory

    Nurse Coordinator

    Maggie Racioppo, R.N. 

    fax: 914-422-2269

     Church Street School

    Colleen Panetta, R.N.


     George Washington School

    Marilyn Batista, R.N.


     Mamaroneck Avenue School

     William Sappos, R.N.


     Post Road School

     Danielle Nash,  R.N.


     Ridgeway School

     Desiree Sanabria,  R.N.


     Middle School - Eastview Campus

     Lillian O'Grady, R.N.



     Middle School - Highlands Campus

     Rosemarie, Corradina, R.N.


    High School

    Natalie Gjokaj, R.N.

    Eileen Perri R.N.

    Sue Repetti, R.N.





     Ellen Clark R.N.


    COVID-19 Resources