• Safety and Security/ Seguridad y Protección


    The safety and security of all White Plains City School District students and staff is of paramount importance. The links on this page include information regarding our policies and procedures to ensure safety and security; as well as, resources for all our families. We trust you will find this information clear and useful. Should you have any questions regarding the material, please contact your child’s principal.

    La seguridad y protección de todos los estudiantes y el personal del Distrito Escolar de la ciudad de White Plains son de suma importancia. Los enlaces en esta página incluyen información sobre nuestras políticas y procedimientos para garantizar esa seguridad y protección; aún se encuentran recursos para todas nuestras familias. Confiamos en que encontrará esta información clara y útil. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el material, comuníquese con el director de su hijo/a.

    District Wide Safety Plan - DRAFT - Open for Public Comment Period

    1. The District-wide Safety and Emergency Management Plan shall be monitored and maintained by the District Safety Team and reviewed annually on or before September 1st of each year. A copy of the plan will be available at the district office and on the District website.

    2. Building-level Emergency Response Plans shall be confidential and not subject to disclosure under Article 6 of Public Officers Law or any other provision of law in accordance with Education Law Section 2801-a.

    3. Full copies of the District-wide Safety and Emergency Management Plan and any amendments will be submitted to the New York State Education Department on or before September 1st of each year and within 30 days of adopted revisions.

    4. The District-wide Plan must be formally adopted by the Board of Education whenever changes, other than simply updating contact information, are made to the plan. Pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulation, Section 155.17(e)(3), this plan will be made available for public comment at least 30 days prior to its adoption.  

    5. Building-level Emergency Response Plans will be supplied to the New York State Police, County Police and all local police departments covering the District, by October 15th of each year or within 30 days of adoption.