Brass wire ring w/ Bead

Introduction to Jewelry

  • Course Description

    This semester long course develops a foundation in a variety of jewelry making experiences including wire manipulation, metalsmithing, and multi-media jewelry design. Jewelry vocabulary and historical references are introduced and reinforced through the jewelry making experience. The work of past and contemporary jewelry is an integral part of the curriculum through visual material and discussion.

    The specific learning outcomes are as follows:

    1. Students will demonstrate their ability to control the bending of wire by creating a ring.
    2. Students will be able to articulate reasons for aesthetic decisions through discussion and critique of the organizational process.
    3. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the planning process by creating step by step drawings of their ideas.
    4. Students work will reflect their ability to research and integrate visual references into unique interpretations.
    5. Students will show their fine motor skill through the critique of a final jewelry product.
    6. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the proper use of tools and techniques.
    7. Students will create chains, brooches, pendants, and rings as required, as well as chose to make any other type of jewelry.
    8. Students will reflect their knowledge of symbolism through the creating of amulets.


    Targeted Vocabulary (a partial list)

    • Composition
    • Symmetrical
    • Asymmetrical
    • Pliers
    • Ring Mandrel
    • Forming
    • Forging
    • Alloy
    • Center Punch
    • Negative space
    • Positive space
    • Symbols
    • Burr