• Minutes for Meeting due 3/1

    We will even more carefully check hours handed in this month.  If you hand in many more hours than you normally hand it, please understand this will look suspect.  If most of your hours are friends you tutor, this will look suspect.

     Please understand that our role as advisors is to try to keep you honest and reflect positively on the WP NHS.

     Also understand that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be done with your requirements by MARCH 15.  If you are absent on that day, you need to contact your advisor BEFORE the deadline.

     You may wish to look at the powerpoint from the first meeting (on this website) to remind yourself as to what counts as hours and what does not.  It is your job to be aware.





    Minutes for December Meeting

    A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated food for the thanksgiving food drive!  NHS collected over 30 bags of food for needy families in OUR community.  Think about your family meal at thanksgiving and what you had; you were able to help families have the same.

    And the fact that you did it without collecting hours off of it…that made it more special.

    When you get out of HS, no one is going to give you hours for helping others, especially those less fortunate, but know that what you do for other people is greatly appreciated and terribly needed. 

    Although Ms. Woodward and I have spent a lot of time yelling at you like “where are you SUPPOSED to put your hours” and “when are your hours ALWAYS due” and “is it Friday at lunch yet??” we are so proud of all of the stuff that you guys do for others and the kind of thing that makes us happy we decided to come back to be NHS advisors.

    The holiday season is here, and remember that this is a time for giving.   Keep on giving.  Ms. Woodward will be holding a Toy Drive soon, and there are lots of other ways to get involved.  Join the community service opportunities Remind for more ideas.

    Also remember that honors students often put a lot of pressure on themselves to be their best, and although many people are very excited about the holidays, it can also be a very depressing time for people.  Be good to yourself and others, and know that there are people at this school who you can go to to talk about your feelings if the holiday season gets you down.  For more info, see your counselor or a teacher you trust.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for everything you do!

    • Remember: it is your responsibility to check the cumulative hours posting to check thaALL 60 HOURS ARE DUE MARCH 15.  No exceptions.
    • The ceremony is APRIL 11.

    Minutes for November Meeting

    • Remember: it is your responsibility to check the cumulative hours posting to check that everything is correct!  If the hours you submitted are not there, it is probably because there is a problem with your submission.  If this is the case, it is YOUR RESONSIBILITY to remember to come to your adviser’s office hours to clear things up.  Usually it is due to one of the following reasons:
      • You left something incomplete
      • You didn’t list your hours on separate lines for each day
      • You didn’t write your name on the sheets
      • We don’t understand or agree with something you are claiming
    • Club Men is a really great organization that needs tutors, mostly in math and science. Please check your Remind for information we sent about this last week.
    • Hours are due FIRST FRIDAY of every month until March. Then we will do a FINAL COLLECTION day March 15, to give you a bit more time.  These will be hours that you have completed from March 1 – March 15.  ALL 60 HOURS ARE DUE MARCH 15.  No exceptions.
    • Please understand that if Friday is the due date, that means that hours must be SIGNED and placed in the box by Friday. If for some reason you cannot get a signature in time, please notify your advisor BEFORE the due date by email.  We don’t have our Remind notifications on our phone.  This is how things in the real world work:  if you are going to be late for something, ask permission and give a heads up BEFORE… not apologizing and asking forgiveness AFTER!  Please be responsible and respectful of our timelines!  We cannot do our job effectively if you can’t do yours effectively.
    • REMINDER, NHS business by email (anytime) or in person FRIDAY AT LUNCH only. Your advisor’s primary job here is to teach, and coming at other times impedes our ability to do our job as teacher.  Please respect this.
    • The ceremony is APRIL 11

    Minutes for October Meeting  

    • Hours are due FIRST FRIDAY of every month until March. Then we will do a FINAL COLLECTION day March 15, to give you a bit more time.  These will be hours that you have completed from March 1 – March 15.  ALL 60 HOURS ARE DUE MARCH 15.  No exceptions.
    • As a reminder (and especially if you didn’t make it to the 1st meeting), a box for your hours will be placed in front of B223 (seniors) and C121 (juniors) at the BEGINNING of the first week of the month for you to put your hours in. After Friday, they are considered late and will not be accepted.
    • If for some reason, you could not get a signature BEFORE the deadline, you must send your advisor an email to cindyphillips@wpcsd.k12.ny.us (Seniors) or lindawoodward@wpcsd.k12.ny.us (juniors). We don’t always check our Remind or have our replies turned on.  NHS ADVISORS STRICTLY ADHERE TO DEADLINES AND BELIEVE YOU SHOULD TOO.
    • We have to collect DUES ($20 seniors, $15 juniors) from everyone to pay for your cord/certificate/pin at the ceremony. Please make out a check payable to WPHS NHS or bring cash.  DUES WILL BE COLLECTED BY OUR TREASURER ERIC ALCLDE in B223 (Ms. Phillips’ room) during EVERY FRIDAY LUNCH of OCTOBER (JUNIORS, TOO!) Do not give it to me, do not give it to anyone else, do not even give it to Eric if you happen to see him around.  If financially this causes a burden, please send an email to your advisor.  Eric will give you a receipt.  Keep the receipt, as it is proof that you have paid your dues.
    • PLEASE, NHS business by email or in person FRIDAY AT LUNCH only. Not a different day because you’re going to be absent Friday, not during period 4 because that’s when you’re free, not if you happen to see us in the hallway (although you can wave or say ‘hi’ if the mood strikes you!)  Our primary job here is TEACHER, and 100 kids asking us NHS questions all day is very distracting from the job that is our main concern here.  We’ve had people follow us to the bathroom!! 
    • It has come to our attention that people are claiming to have served 11, 12, 13 hours of community service hours a day. It is not legal for someone under 18 to work for > 8 hours a day (really!) and therefore we cannot grant credit for more than 8 hours on any given day, even if it is an overnight.
    • Being on Remind and Staying on Remind is a requirement, not an option. Remember that you can get reminders through your email instead of a phone if you prefer.
    • The ceremony is APRIL 11.
    • Ms. Geiger would like you all to know that the WPHS Community Service program, which is different from NHS, is also running. You can submit copies of what we do to her THURSDAY at LUNCH in C133 to be counted towards extra non-academic credit on your transcripts.  There will also be a Volunteer Fair WED, OCT 24, lunch, in the main corridor between A and B buildings.

    NOW:  Fill out this quiz that will count as October attendance.  Please do it NOW so you don't forget. It MUST be completed by the end of FRIDAY OCTOBER 5. 



    JUNIORS and NEW SENIORS!  Make sure you re-read the powerpoint that is on the website and make sure you are aware of all rules, procedures, or deadlines.  If you have any questions, please see your advisor on Friday at lunch.

    Applications were mailed out by FRIDAY 9/14 by REGULAR MAIL.  Check your mail! 
    If you think you have a minimum 3.700 GPA and don't get your invite by Friday 9/21, please see Ms. Phillips in B223 asap.
    CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLY if you receive the application in the mail. (We do check!) 
    Applications due SEPT 28.
    IMPORTANT!  SENIORS!  As I was speaking, I realized *it makes no sense* to have meetings the LAST friday of the month because there are days left to the month.  INSTEAD, meetings will be the FIRST FRIDAY of every month but only hand in hours from the previous month.  So, the hours you hand in by the Friday of the first week of October should only contain hours from SEPTEMBER.  I apologize for not reasoning that out sooner!
    ALSO, it seems that the ceremony was moved from after Spring break until before spring break- April 11.  So in order to buy you a little more time, we will accept March hours ONLY UNTIL MARCH 15 because we need a good 2 weeks to sort out your hours before the ceremony and giving you until the first Friday of April is not enough time.
    HERE IS THE AMENDED powerpoint (I hope it is now completely correct.)  I need to you read it over and RE-TAKE the quiz (sent on remind) to count as your attendance.  This new quiz is due Saturday night 9/8.  This should not take long.  Again, I apologize.  -CP
    SENIORS who were inducted last year DO NOT need to re-apply but need to re-register by taking YEAR need to register (not re-apply) with this SHORT survey  ASAP    
    Seniors need to JOIN and STAY on the Remind group @nhsSwphs
    PARENTS of current NHS students are asked to join @nhsPwphs if you wish to receive updates on meetings and your child's progress in terms of monthly hours accumulation and other important information.
    There was an optional meeting for current or interested PARENTS Wednesday, August 29, 7:30 pm in B1.