• This page will have postings of current cumulative hour totals.

    You (or your child) has picked a SECRET code by which to sort anonymously.  Parents: Please ASK YOUR CHILD what his/her code is.

    The YELLOW column represents the number of hours accepted that month.  

    The BLUE column represents whether or not you have taken (and passed) your online quiz that represents your attendance that month.  A "1" represents attended, a blank or a "0" represents that you did not.  NHS members may not miss more than 2 meetings.

    If there is something wrong, DON'T WORRY!  If you did what you were supposed to do, you will receive credit.  But it is the STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY to come talk to their advisor to clear up the issue.  Advisors are ONLY available Fridays at lunch or by an EMAIL appointment.

    SENIOR HOURS as of Sept 17