• Big Ideas Math Textbook - Online Feature
    The Big Ideas Math program has some fantastic online resources to help you learn the concepts taught this year!
    •  You can access the textbook online
    • You can download the text app onto your phone, iPad, or tablet
    • There are "Lesson tutorials" when you need some additional help.
    • There is Test Practice.  You take the test and submit your answers.  Then you'll be told which are correct and which are wrong.  If you answered incorrectly, the correct answer is provided.
    • The "Assignment Feature" allows Ms. Posluszny to assign specific examples from the text or from an online assessment to you to be completed online.  Right now (as of September, 2016), Ms. Posluszny will be using this feature to provide you with opportunities for additional practice and so that you will have the ability to receive immediate feedback (and help, if needed) on the accuracy of your  response.
    Directions for accessing these resources online: 
                (click directions with screenshots for step by step directions with visuals)
     1. Go to the district website and look at the menu bar on the right hand side of the page.   Scroll down to "Big Ideas" and click on the link.
            or  click here 
    2. Click on the box that says "Log in with Active Directory"
    3. It asks you to "sign in with your organizational account"  You will type your netwrk login along with @live.wpcsd.k12.ny.us  (see example below)
    Your password is the same as your school computer network password.
    4. Once you are logged in, click on the box that says "Big Ideas Math".
    5. Look at the book that is showing in the drop down menu.  If it says HS Algebra, you need to click on the drop down and change it to "Red Accelerated".
    6.  Once you are in the book you will see a variety of resources available to you.  To access any of the online assignments mentioned by Ms. Posluszny, click on the "Assignments" tab and you will see them listed there.