• Resources to help you with Ratio and Proportion Concepts


     Section 5.1:  Ratios and Rates


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     Review the basics of ratios


     Khan Academy:  Intro to ratios.  This lesson takes you through a review of the basicis of ratios.  Conatins lesson videos and practice probelms

     Intro to ratios

     Fractional Unit Rates

    Khan Academy

    has lesson video and practice problems

     Rates with fractions

    Overall review of ratios and rates

    Castle Learning

    A set of 10 practice problems

    (Make sure you log in to Castle Learning first before you click on this link) 

    Ratio and rates

    Practice simplifying ratios that contain fractions (complex fractions)

    Practice sheet

    Click on the link and you can dowload (and print) the document

    Practice simplifying complex fractions

    And, here is the Answer Key



     Section 5.2:  Proportions


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    Lesson sequence: Meaning of proportionality.


    Begin here if previewing! 

    Khan Academy.  this link begins with the video introducing proportioanl relationships.  It then takes you through a sequence of lessons and practice.  If you are PREVIEWING this concept (you have not been taught yet), you need to start here.

    Lesson sequence: Identify proportional relationships

     What is the meaning of proportionality?

     Khan Academy lesson video.  Defines proportion and explains what it means when 2 quantities are in proportion 

     Intro to Proportional Relationship

     Find the correct ratios which will create a proportional relaionship

     Khan Academy example with lesson video.  1 example which asks you to find the ratios that would create a proportional relationship.  You'll pause the video while you try the problem yourself.

     Proportional relationships

     Determine if you have a proportional relatioinship

     Khan Academypractice problems.  You are given a situation and asked to determine, bsaed on the ratios given, if you have a proportional situation.

     Proportional relationships - practice problems




     Section 5.3:  Writing Proportions


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    A series of lessons on setting up a proportion for a word problem and then solving the proportion.

    Khan Academy.

    If you start here, you can be taken through a series of lessons and practice problems which help you set up proportions for word problems.

    Writing and solving proportions

     How do we set up a proportion that can be used to solve a problem which describes a proportional situation?

     Khan Academy lesson video and practice problems

     Writing Proportions

     How do you set up and solve a proportion for a word problem?

     Khan Academy lesson video and practice problems.

    (First you choose the correct proportion; then you solve the proportion.)

     Proportion word problems







     5.4 Solving Proportions


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     How do we solve proportions when a value is missing from the proportion?

     Khan Academy leson video and practice problems.  

     Solving proportions

     An overall review of solving proportions and using proportions to solve word problems

     Castle Learning

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     Constant of Proportionality


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     1) Find constant of proportionality in graphs, equations and tables

    2) Compare constants of proportionality

     Khan Academy

    When you open the link, look at the left side of screen.  there is a sequence of a lesson video, followed by practice.  If you don't need the lesson, simply select the practice.

     Khan Academy - sequence of lessons and practice on Constant of Proportionality

     Find constant of Proportionality in graphs, tables, equations and use this to compare.


    GREAT practice after the Khan Academey lessons

     Comparing the constant of proportionality using tables and graphs

    Here is the answer key

     Finding the constant of proportionality in a table of values and applying this in problem solving situations.


    - this would be good to try after the Khan Academy Lesson videos and practice

     Practice Finding and interpreting the constant of proportionality

    Here is the Answer Key







     Proportions and constant of proportionality

    (21 Questions)


    297221 Constant of Proportionality