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    Quizizzes for Ch 6 Percents



    Number of questions

     PIN code


     Solve the 3 types of percent problems.

    The numbers are pretty friendly

    (Level:  easy)

    10 questions


     795287 The 3 Types of percent problems (easy)

    This quiz focuses primarily on finding a percent of a number 9 that is - finding the part.

    (Level:  medium)

    12 Questions

    Focus: Finding the part Report - Quizizz
    204599 Focus Finding the Part

    Solve the 3 types of percent problems.

    (Level: medium)

    16 questions


    135520 A mixture of the 3 types of percent problems

    Solve (prettty straight-forward discount and tax problems)

    17 questions


    Discount and Tax - Level A1