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     Sections 6.1 - 6.2:  Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 

    (A review of some grade 6 concepts)


     Name/description of resource


     Intro to percents

    Meaning of percent and the relationship to fractions, decimals and visual models


     Khan Academy

    If you need a bit of a review of the concepts introduced in grade 6 - start here!!  Look at the left side of the screen and work through the sequence of lessons and practice.  If you don't think you need the lesson, then simply work on the practice.

     Intro to Percents

    (only the first 2 links on the left side)

     Converting between fractions, decimals and percents

     Khan Academy

    Again, this is a review of concepts introduced in grade 6 - but - this is a great review!

    Look at the tabs on the left side.  If you don't need the lesson, simply select the practice links.

     Convert between fraction decimal and percent

     The 3 basic percent problems:

    - What is 20% of 25?

    - 16 is what percent of 40?

    - 12 is 25% of what number?

     Khan Academy

    There is a lesson for each of these 3 types of probems.  the practice contains all 3 types of problems

     The 3 basic percent problems

     1-step word problems involving percent

     Khan Academy

    There are 1-step word problems which lead to to one of the 3 basic percent problems (described in the previous row).  Again - a review of concepts introdueced in grade 6.

     1-step word problems involving percent

    Grade 7 concepts

    Convert fractions, decimals, percents 


    basic percent problems

    Castle Learning

    (If you need help with any question, go to options in the upper right hand corner - to the right of your name - and select "question properties")

    Gd 7 Algebra - Percents

    (make sure you are logged into Castle Learning before clicking this link)




     Section 6.4:  The Percent Equation 



     Name/description of resource


    Given a basic percent problems, set up the percent equation and solve

    Castle learning

    Algebra - Percents

    (make sure you are logged into Castle Learning before you click on this link)

    If you are given a percent word problems, how to set up a percent equation and solve


     Khan Academy

    The first 2 links on the left side address how to set up percent equations.  The practice link asks you to select the equations which are equivalent and can be used to solve a given percent problem.


     Set up a percent equation for word problem and then solve

     How to solve more complex percent word problems.  Using the perecent equation.

    Khan Academy

    The lesson takes you through 3 different (complex) percent word problems; the percent equation is used.

    The practice gives you 4 problems to solve.


    Solving more complex percent word problems

    (the 3rd and 4th links called:

    - Percent word problem (Magic Club)

    - Practice: Percent Problems

    What is the language of discounts and how do we solve a disount problem?

    Khan Academy

    This lesson goes through all the vocabulary involved with discount problems and shows you one way to solve a discount problem.

    Percent word problem - Guavas. The language of discounts

    Solving disount problems and tax problems

    Khan Academy

    This lesson takes you thorugh the process of solving a disount problem and a problem with tax.

    Problems with discount and tax

    Practice problems with discount, tax, and commission Khan Academy Practice discount, tax, commission
    Practice:  Percent increase and decrease Castle Learning

    Algebra - Percent of change and relative error

    (make sure you are logged into Castle Learning before you click this link)

    Practice:  Discount, markup, sales tax and tip Castle Learning

    Algebra - Discount, markup, sales tax, and tips

    (make sure you are logged into Castle Learning before you click this link)

     Practice: Simple Interest  Castle Learning

     Algebra - Simple Interest

    (make sure you are logged into Castle Learning before you click this link)