• Introduction to Theatre

    Welcome to Introduction to Theatre.  In this course, students will hone their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through activities and projects while exploring various texts.


    Comedy and Tragedy


    We will read a variety of dramatic texts.  We will read full-length plays, one-act plays, as well a number of smaller dramatic pieces, such as monologues, and dialogues.  Students will also read essays and articles about drama to enhance their understanding.



    Students study vocabulary related to theatre and submit written reflections weekly.  In addition, students learn about playwriting and write a short, collaborative one-act play and the end of the course.



    Students participate in oral exercises daily.  From vocal warm-up exercises to skill-building dramatic activities to small and large group discussions, students will gain experience speaking in class.  Students will enhance their public speaking skills through formal and informal in-class performance.



    Through skill-building activities and participation in group discussion, students will hone their listening skills.  All performances have an audience listening component, requiring non-performers to listen carefully, process, reflect, and respond to what they hear and see on stage.



    Ms. Cepler



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