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    Information and Classroom Policies   2017-18        Ms. Davis

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    Grading Policies

     1. Concerts 10%-

                Winter Concert 3 - Thursday, January 11th 7:00p.m.

                Spring Concert 2 - Wednesday, May 30th 7:00p.m.

    Please put these dates in your calendar now.  We prepare together as an ensemble to present a concert, it is VITAL that each and every person is present at the performance.  Make sure you do your best to avoid conflicts. We’re all working together to make sure you attend all of your obligations. Students must be arrive no later than 6:15p.m. in correct attire.  Men-Dress slacks, shirt & tie, dark socks & shoes, Ladies- Dress/ skirt of appropriate length or slacks and blouse.

    2. Participation 30%– this includes: arriving to class on time, having & storing your instrument, music and materials on a daily basis and proper classroom behavior.  You must be in your seat with your instrument together warming up within 2 minutes of the bell. NOT just arriving at class. The daily schedule will be posted, put you music in the correct order and have a pencil on your music stand.  We will track your participation utilizing a rubric every Friday.


     3. Playing Assessment 25%– Throughout the marking period you will be assigned short playing tasks. They may consist of scales, technical exercises, or excerpts from our repertoire and Traditions of Excellence.  These will be graded on a numeric grade.  You may take a check-off as many times as necessary in order to achieve a pass rating until the deadline.


    4.   Written Work 5%-This includes any written assignment in class or homework.


    5. Sectional Attendance 25%- You must attend 5 per quarter. Although sectionals are required please use common sense when deciding to attend.  If you are going to miss something important, like a review or a test, do not come.  You will have 2 weeks to make it up. After that it will be counted as a zero.


    Sectional make ups will be scheduled on a regular basis, Tuesdays afterschool from 2:45-3:20.   Afterschool sectionals count for a full make up. I will post a copy of both the Sectional Schedule and Groups on my WPHS Webpage.


      6. Please sign up for REMIND. I will send out reminders for sectionals, concerts and assignments.  REMIND has been updated so you also can give me feedback.  I encourage both you and your parents to sign up.  There is now both texting and email notifications.


                      Download the app from App Store or Googleplay. 


                      To join, send a text to:            81010

                      With the message:                 @7k2ef9


                      To join, send an email to:        7k2ef9@mail.remind.com

                      You can leave the message blank

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