Para la semana de 3/30-4/3/20: All work is now on Schoology!
    1. Para el lunes, 3/30: You should have already submitted the FLACS 2014 Answer sheet on Schoology. If you have not, please do so ASAP. Once done, read the intor and parts A-C of the Juan Bobo story and use the question sheet to answer the comprehension questions. Return them to me through Schoology.
    2. Para 3/31: Juan Bobo story question sheet PART 1 is due tonight.
    3. Para 4/2: Check Schoology for feedback on part 1 to be sure you understood. Then go on to Juan Bobo story questions sheet 2 (parts D-F), which is due on 4/2/20. 
    Para la semana de 3/23-3/3/27: SEE Práctica para todas mis clases page for more info
    1. Para el martes, 3/24:Please do part 1 of your independent packet AND email me to check-in (with OR without questions) by Tuesday 3/24. This way I will know that you are keeping tabs on your work. 
    Para la semana de 3/16/20- 3/20/20: MOVIE STARTS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP! Permission slip
    1. Para el lunes, 3/16:No school, see Wednesday
    2. Para 3/17:No school, see Wednesday
    3. Para 3/18: review your vocabulary in your speaking situation packet by theme to be ready for your individual practice oral test!
    4. Para 3/19:
    5. Para 3/20: TEACHER CONFERENCE DAY (no classes)
    Para la semana de 3/9/20- 3/13/20:Reminder, you have until Tuesday to make up the subjunctive conjugating quiz and Thursday to re-do the subjunctive situation subjunctive QUIZLET PRACTICE
    1. Para el lunes, 3/9: no hay BUT bring your signed permission slip for the moviePermission slip
    2. Para 3/10:permission slip/LOTE B situation packet pgs. 1 & 2: write 8-10 useful vocab words of expressions PER PAGE!
    3. Para 3/11:permission slip/LOTE B situation packet pgs. 3 & 4: write 8-10 useful vocab words of expressions PER PAGE!
    4. Para 3/12:permission slip/LOTE B situation packet pgs. 5 & 6: write 8-10 useful vocab words of expressions PER PAGE!
    5. Para 3/13:permission slip/LOTE B situation packet pgs. 7 & 8: write 8-10 useful vocab words of expressions PER PAGE!
    Para la semana de 3/2/20- 3/6/20:Mini-QUIZ Friday on one-point expressions
    LOTE B One-point expressions QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 3/2:study for subjunctive forms quiz 
    subjunctive QUIZLET PRACTICE
    2. Para 3/3:LOTE B one-point expressions- study and do 2 sided worksheet (see quizlet link above)
    3. Para 3/4: study subjunctive forms for in-class writing task tomorrow
    4. Para 3/5: review one-point expressions and read the 12 point dialogue and beef up the student lines so that all the STUDENT lines are worth 2 points. 
    5. Para 3/6:study for mini-QUIZ on one-point expressions
    Para la semana de 2/24/20- 2/28/20: NO HW OVER BREAK! QUIZ Friday on conjugating in subjunctive QUIZLET PRACTICE
    1. Para el lunes, 2/24: no hay
    2. Para 2/25:worksheet on opinions about summer. Write FIVE sentences with infinitives.
    3. Para 2/26:pg. 12 in NEW greeen packet
    4. Para 2/27:pgs. 15 & 20 in green packet
    5. Para 2/28:Complete grid practice for QUIZ on conjugating. (+1 bonus for doing it all)
    Para la semana de 2/10/20- 2/14/20:all make-up work should be completed by Tuesday!
    1. Para el lunes, 2/10: no hay
    2. Para 2/11:come in with a computer generated OR hand done image to go on the final version of your poem (no art time in class will be given)
    3. Para 2/12:finish the article and worksheet. For Extra Bonus pts, coem up with a QUESTION en español to ask your classmates.
    4. Para 2/13:no hay 
    5. Para 2/14:no hay
    Para la semana de 2/3/20- 2/7/20:LITERARY TERM QUIZ Monday! Lit Terms Power Point
    1. Para el lunes, 2/3:do the practice sheet and study for the quiz (see power point above). You will need to DEFINE 4/5 terms in SPANISH!
    2. Para 2/4:read about the 2 characters (Sam & Curtis)Highlioght words you do not know. In English, write at least summary sentences about each character. You will use these notes to write about them tomorrow.
    3. Para 2/5:Tú commands fill-in sheet. You can use link to do it on line and check your answers and/or use the review sheet. LINK Review Sheet
    4. Para 2/6:think of 2-3 foods that you LOVE and be sure you know how to say them in Spanish for a partner activity tomorrow
    5. Para 2/7:no hay
    Para la semana de 1/27/20- 1/31/20:
    1. Para el lunes, 1/27: ¡No hay!
    2. Para 1/28:complete quickwrite based on song
    3. Para 1/29:do puzzles (2 sides) based on literary terms 
    4. Para 1/30:QUIZ MONDAY on lit terms. Review study guide and do the 1st three fill-ins (where are you?) & do now
    5. Para 1/31:Compete the questions on the song & review Monte/Río song for a class activity
    General vocab by theme: LINK  (pick themes you need to review)
    Para la semana de 1/13/20- 1/17/20: QUIZ Tuesday on informal commands/extra credit due Friday!
    Practice Tú affirmatives:QUIZLET  Practice Tú negatives: QUIZLET  Mixed practice QUIZLET
    1. Para el lunes, 1/13: worksheet on commands. Give one "do it" and one "don't do it" advice for each scenario.
    2. Para 1/14: study for QUIZ
    3. Para 1/15:finish Tomatina reading and answer questions READING 
    4. Para 1/16:reading on FLORES de Colombia due Friday
    5. Para 1/17: reading
    Para la semana de 1/6/20- 1/10/20: NO work over break! You have until MONDAY 1/13 to make up the last quiz! Help Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch or by appointment.
    1. Para el lunes, 1/6:¡No hay!
    2. Para 1/7:from new packet on Unit 6, make your own vocab list of the words you DON'T know on pg. 3 and study
    3. Para 1/8: pgs. 16 AND 22 in white packet. Use your notes for pg. 16.
    4. Para 1/9: no hay. BUT you can work on extra credit OR study for make up quiz if you plan to take it by Monday.
    5. Para 1/10: same as above
    Para la semana de 12/16/19- 12/20/19: MINI-QUIZ on COMMANDS  QUIZ PRACTICE:QUIZLET LINK  LINK 2 With Pronouns Commands with pronouns
    1. Para el lunes, 12/16:IF you do not think that you can finish on time (Tuesday is the deadline), then work ahead on your project.
    2. Para 12/17:Final draft of project is due by mid period TODAY!
    3. Para 12/18:write at least three steps from the making paella video we saw in class (1st box only). Commands are OPTIONAL
    4. Para 12/19:study for mini-quiz on commands (see quizlet above)
    5. Para 12/20:ho hay
    Para la semana de 12/9/19- 12/13/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 12/9: pg. 35 packet- do the reading and asnwer the questions
    2. Para 12/10: pg. 21 in orangey Unit 5 packet. See your notes OR pg. 11 to help you.
    3. Para 12/11:pg. 13 in packet
    4. Para 12/12: pg. 15 parts 1 & 2 only in packet REVIEW SHEET
    5. Para 12/13: study command review sheet. 
    Para la semana de 12/2/19- 12/6/19: NO HW for Thanksgiving!
    1. Para el lunes, 12/2: no hay FOOD QUIZ on Friday
    2. Para 12/3:pg. 5 in food packet/QUIZ Friday
    3. Para 12/4: complete BOTH pages 5 & 6 in food packet.
    4. Para 12/5:worksheet on ísimo ( Plus FOOD QUIZ Friday!)
    5. Para 12/6: estudiar para la prueba de vocabulario
    Para la semana de 11/25/19- 11/29/19: 
    1. Para el lunes, 11/25:no hay
    2. Para 11/26: make a vocab list in your notebook from pg. 1 of the new peach packet and do pg. 4
    3. Para 11/27: no hay
    Para la semana de 11/18/19- 11/22/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 11/18: no hay
    2. Para 11/19:preterite/imperfect worksheet. Use your notes and circle the best conjugation
    3. Para 11/20:worksheet on interrupted actions: use the prompts to create the sentence
    4. Para 11/21:Worksheet on preterite/imperfect. Choose the best tense to complete the sentence and conjugate accordingly
    5. Para 11/22:study your notes for BOTH tenses for an in-class witing assignment
    Para la semana de 11/11/19- 11/15/19: GRADED imperfect Do Now on Tuesday. Imperfect QUIZ Friday!
    Study on QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el martes, 11/12: worksheet with imperfect translations. Graded Do Now Tuesday on aba/ía imperfect endings
    2. Para 11/13:review notes on IR/SER/VER for a graded Do Now on the Imperfect irregulars
    3. Para 11/14: Do the cartoon reading & answer the questions. Complete the QUIZ format.
    4. Para 11/15: Study the imperfect endings, uses and indicators for a QUIZ tomorrow
    Para la semana de 11/4/19- 11/8/19: QUIZ Wednesday on Irregular preterite 
    1. Para el lunes, 11/4: worksheet side ONE only. Review for a J group fraded Do Now
    2. Para 11/6:study for the quiz on U group/I group/J group irregular preterite.
    3. Para 11/7:IF you are all caught up, NONE! BUT LAST chance to bring a baby picture. Review preterite IF you need to make up either DO NOW or the quiz. Make-ups must be done by 11/12.
    4. Para 11/8:Make a final clean copy to hand in of your baby picture description and practice it out loud.
    Para la semana de 10/28/19- 11/1/19: BABY PIC DUE ASAP!
    1. Para el lunes, 10/28:bring a color picture of yourself (or a different baby if necessary). Write your name on the back. DO NOT show it to others!
    2. Para 10/29:BRING your baby picture!!!
    3. Para 10/30:finish work in yellow packet pgs. 18-19. Bring picture! Be ready for the conjugations of the day from the review today!
    4. Para 10/31:packet pgs. 21-22 all due Friday (do it Wednesday to have no HW on Halloween!)
    5. Para 11/1:same as above if not already done.
    Para la semana de 10/21/19- 10/25/19: REMINDER: Monday lunch/after school is the last day to make up ER/IR verb DO Now. Tuesday is deadline to re-do the pgs. 8-13 Do Now. UNIT TEST FRI PRETERIT!!!!!
    1. Para el lunes, 10/21:2-sided worksheet on I-Y verbs (use your notes)
    2. Para 10/22:worksheet on I-Y. Write a full sentence for each picture
    3. Para 10/23:packet pgs. 15-17 C-F
    4. Para 10/24:pg. 29 in the packet
    5. Para 10/25:study for the preterit unit test!
    Para la semana de 10/14/19- 10/18/19: You may come Monday lunch to re-do project or preterite Do Now
    1. Para el MARTES, 10/15: ¡No hay!
    2. Para el jueves, 10/17:Study vocab list again and do ODDS only on Circle questionsQUESTIONS
    3. Para 10/18:Do evens of Circle activity questions (same as above)
    Para la semana de 10/7/19- 10/11/19: LAST CHANCE to present projects Monday!
    1. Para el lunes, 10/7:pgs. 4 & 5 in yellow packet due Monday
    2. Para 10/8:pg. 6 and top of 7 in packet. Graded Do now on AR verbs
    3. Para 10/10:¡NO HAY!
    4. Para 10/11: make sure all the work in the packets pgs. 8-13 ODDS (except pg 9 and activity M) are completed!

    Para la semana de 9/30/19- 10/4/19:Volunteers present on Wednesday, all others must be ready on Thursday to present their dialogues!

    1. Para el miércoles, 10/2: complete pg. 9 in the yellow packet if not already done. Practice/memorize your presentation. Cue card can only have TEN words on it! (Spanish or English)Make sure you have SHARED the Power Point with me!

    2. Para 10/3:worksheet with gar/car/zar verbs. Practice presentations. Make sure you have SHARED it with me electronically!

    3. Para 10/4:pg. 4 in yellow packet

    Para la semana de 9/23/19- 9/27/19:EXTRA HELP Mon for forming questions QUIZ. Retakes available until Thursday!
    1. Para el lunes, 9/23:IF you did poorly on the interrogotives quiz, please review your green packet and quiz errors. Come for help Monday and schedule a make-up!
    2. Para 9/24:ho hay
    3. Para 9/25:review your preterite notes and do the new yellow packet pgs. 2-3.
    4. Para 9/26:pg. 9 in yellow packet
    5. Para 9/27:separate worksheet on GAR/CAR/ZAR verbs and work on your drafts. DRAFTS ARE DUE BY END OF THE CLASS ON FRIDAY!

    Para la semana de 9/16- 9/20/19:QUIZ Wednesday on forming questions

    1. Para el lunes, 9/16: pg. 4 in green packet if not already done

    2. Para 9/17: make sure that all work from the sub is done! BOTH worksheetsestudia para la prueba

    3. Para 9/18:estudia para la prueba sobre INTERROGATIVOS

    4. Para 9/19: do the ER/IR worksheet and study the pink packet AR verbs (#1-46) for a graded DO NOW

    5. Para 9/20: worksheet on ER/IR verbs. MAKE SURE that both you and your partner do it!

    Para la semana de 9/9- 9/13/19:GET CLASS RULES SIGNED (purple)


    1. Para el lunes, 9/9: study and review question words and verbs on the pink list.

    2. Para 9/10: pg. 12 in green packet due WEDNESDAY and there will be a graded do now on interrogatives.

    3. Para 9/11:pg. 12 in green packet & graded DO NOW on question words

    4. Para 9/12: pg. 4 in the green packet

    5. Para 9/13:comprehension question worksheet on the play


    Para la semana de 9/2- 9/6/19:


    1. Para el martes, 9/3: bring a positive attitude, writing utensil and WATER to the first class. IF you are getting supplies ahead, I recommend a LOOSELEAF binder for Spanish (can be combined with other subjects) and a pocket folder JUST for Spanish!  

    2. Para 9/4: review and study interrogative (question) words on the cover of the green packet. Using the verbs on the PINK verb review list, make your OWN list in your notebook or on looseleaf of the ones that you do not remember well.

     3. Para 9/5: Do page 9 in the yellow interrogative packet. Continue to study verbs on the pink sheet.

    4. Para 9/6: pg. 10 in the green packet. Continue to study verbs on the pink sheet.