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    Advanced Placement Studio Art: 2-D Design and Drawing requires that you work consistently and effectively both in and outside of class. This course necessitates an intense commitment of time and effort to produce original artworks of exceptional quality. You are expected to complete the requirements of a finished portfolio for submission to the College Board by the first week of May. The AP Portfolio is comprised of 2 sections (Concentration, and Quality), consisting of at least 15 original artworks..

    The course will focus on a sustained investigation and completion of all three aspects required for the development of a portfolio – Quality and Concentration. Students will be introduced to the Studio Art Poster, and the course will be outlined and explained during the first week of school. All three aspects will be discussed with students in detail.

    The AP Studio Art class emphasizes making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in informed and critical decision-making. Group and individual student critiques and instructional conversations with the teacher will enable students to learn to analyze and discuss their own artworks and those of their peers. Students will use this knowledge and understanding to make one of the most critical decisions in the class – the selection of their 5 best pieces to be sent to the College Board for their Quality portfolio.

    AP Portfolio Selection Requirements:


    The 2 major sections of the AP Studio Art Portfolio are:

    • Quality:Comprised of works that excel in concept, composition, and execution may come from the Breadth or Concentration sections.  Actual artwork is submitted and the size restrictions are no larger than 18 X 24 inches. 
    • Concentration: A series of works organizedaround a compelling visual concept or recurring theme.  Fifteen images are submitted; some may be details. (Completed 2nd Semester by mid April)


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