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  • George Washington Student Ambassadors Go Global 


    The Student Ambassadors teamed up with a great organization to help make a difference in our world. "Ver la felicidad de los niños es mi mejor recompense,” expressed Ramiro Ocasio, the president of Foundation for Education in Honduras (FEIH). "Seeing the happiness of children is the best reward" is what Ramiro explained during one of his recent speeches. His words resonate with many people who want to take an active role in supporting FEIH's mission. That mission is to provide education to high needs, rural communities in Honduras, by working with local community members to build schools and provide students will necessary educational materials so they too have the opportunity to reach their dreams.  


    Learning about the conditions in Honduras has helped our GW students recognize how lucky they are to have been provided with a strong education in a safe environment. Many schools in Honduras lack bathrooms, are missing roofs or have structures that are falling apart. Students lack desks and chairs. They often do not have adequate instructional materials that are necessary to help students make academic growth. The schools are overcrowded, and students have to attend school in shifts, resulting in them missing valuable instructional time.  


    As FEIH continues to build schools, to give students a safe and educational environment to learn in, FEIH also wants to create multi-cultural opportunities for their students and for students around the globe to interact and learn from one another. Eager to be a part of that worldwide community, GW Ambassadors created motivational and inspirational cards, that FEIH students will receive on their first day of school, at their brand new school! Our Ambassadors know what it is like to attend a school they are proud of and know how important education is, so they wanted to share that positivity with FEIH students as they embark on their new educational journeys. Students wrote their messages in Spanish and also translated those messages in English again to build a multi-cultural relationship. The Ambassadors were very excited to partake in this experience to let their Honduran friends know that they believe in them; that they can be whatever they want to be and that their dreams are attainable!