Final  report card grades will be based on:



                                                 *  Honor                      Regents         Chem. Comm.


    Quizzes and Tests                      60%                                              60%           50%

    Homework Quality                     10%                                              10%           20%                                            

    Labs Reports                             20%                                              20%           20%
    Quarterly Test                           10%                                              10%            5.0%           
    Classwork                                                                                                        5.0%                         

     Midterm (4%) ; *  Final   Exam (8%) ;  *Regents Exam (8%)       for Honors class;  

     Midterm (4%)                                        Regents Exam (16%)     for Regents class  
     Midterm (4%)       Final  Exam  (16%) 

    Requirements for Passing

    1. A passing grade in this class depends on your successful completion of the following requirements:
      1. Receiving passing grades (65 or higher) on test.
      2. Doing all homework completely, accurately and promptly.
      3. Having a complete notebook that contains all class work and homework for the term.  Your notebook may be checked periodically.
      4. Participating in class discussions
      5. Successfully completing any assigned laboratory activities and worksheets.



    1. You will be graded upon the successful completion of the following requirements:
      1. Test, quizzes, reports and LAB REPORTS.
      2. Homework.
      3. Class work ( positive participation, listening, and notebook preparation).



    Note: The final report card mark will be an average of all the marks received in all 4 marking

               periods  plus   midterm, final exam, and  regents grade (June);  grades are cumulative.