• Dual Language (DL) programs seek to offer students the opportunity to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural while improving their academic ability.  In the majority of dual language programs, the students receive half of their instruction in their primary or home language, and the remainder of their instruction in the target language, the language that they are learning.  However, there are other time configurations that exist.  For example in a 90% to 10% model, a greater percentage of the instruction is in the target language other than English and decrease over time until reaching 50% to 50%.

    Students learn to speak, read, and write in two languages, and also learn about other cultures while developing strong self-esteem and diverse language skills.

    Source: NYSED, Program Options for ELLs and MLs

Biliteracy Grads

Dual Language Education

  • Proficiency in more than one language is a valuable skill to be cultivated and nurtured in our schools and communities. Bilingual education is an umbrella term for many types of programs in which two languages are used for instruction.

    Dual Language education is an effective approach to developing language proficiency and literacy in English and a partner language. Two-Way Immersion, one type of dual language education, integrates native English speakers and native speakers of another language for academic content instruction through both English and the partner language beginning in elementary schools.

    Dual Language programs promote bilingualism and biliteracy, grade-level academic achievement and cross-cultural competence in all students. Students maintain their native language while adding another language, and they develop pride in their own culture while developing an understanding of others (from the Center for Applied Linguistics). 

Educación de dos idiomas

  • La habilidad en más de un idioma es una destreza valiosa que se debe cultivar y fomentar en nuestras escuelas y comunidades. La educación bilingüe es un término amplio para muchos tipos de programas en los que se usan dos idiomas para la instrucción.

    La educación de dos idiomas es un enfoque eficaz para desarrollar el dominio del idioma y la alfabetización en inglés y en otro idioma. Inmersión de dos vías, es un tipo de educación bilingüe, que integra a hablantes nativos de inglés y hablantes nativos de otro idioma para la enseñanza de contenido académico a través del inglés y el del otro idioma a partir de las escuelas primarias.

    Los programas de doble lenguaje promueven el bilingüismo y la alfabetización, el rendimiento académico a nivel de grado y la competencia intercultural en todos los estudiantes. Los estudiantes mantienen su lengua materna mientras añaden otro idioma, y desarrollan el orgullo en su propia cultura mientras desarrollan una comprensión de otros (From the Center of Applied Linguistics).

A short video created by our 6th grade Dual Language Students A un corto video creado por nuestros estudiantes de dos idiomas del 6to grado