• News, News, News: Guidelines and Rubric

    News Package Rubric

     News Cast Rubric

    Roles: Newscaster, Air talent/ Researcher/ Writer, Video editor, Researcher/ Writer

    There will be at least two groups creating news segments.

    Modified from: Patricia Baugher/Patterson Mill High School/Bel Air, MD

    Review and prepare to create a broadcast news package

    1. Overview and Rationale

    Students need to understand how to create stories using many different types of media. The video is one of those types of media. After reviewing and working on the basics of written news stories, students will take these skills as young journalists and create a small package that will cover criminal law topics within three class periods.

    1. Goals for Understanding
    • Students will report news stories (criminal law) using visual storytelling
    • Students will learn to scout locations before an interview, e.g. expert, bystander
    • Students will learn the basics of editing

    III.  Essential Questions

    • What is the difference in reporting a written story and a visual story?
    • What preparation is needed before reporting and shooting a news package?
    • What are steps needed to complete an edit for a news package?


    1. Critical Engagement Questions
    2. Overviews and Timeline

              Activity 1 (One Class Session)

    1. Students start out watching a variety of news broadcasts using local or on-line news sources. (10 minutes)

           Watch Teen Kids News: http://www.teenkidsnews.com


    1. Discuss with the class (10 minutes) -

    o        How did they set up the interviews – Microphone in the shot?

    o        How would it enhance the interview to have the subject look towards the camera?

    1. Discuss the outline of the news package – (see “Required Shots” sheet/page)
    2. Define types of video shots that establish the scene with natural sound before the voice over.(wide shot, close up, mid shot, etc.)

    o        B – Roll that shows the details of the story.

    o        Interviews that are shot with the subject in a mid to close shot with no microphone (at least 2 for this project)

    o        What is a story proposal?

    1. Students will be divided into teams of 2. They will need to assign the following responsibilities.

    o        On Air talent/ Researcher/ Writer

    o        Video editor/ Researcher/ Writer

    The team will agree on a possible subject for their story that is related in some way to criminal / civil law

    1. Students will write a quick rundown of your news package. Current Events can

                                             be used.

    Activity 2 (One class)

    1. Begin recording, logging shots, etc.

             This should take a majority of the time.

    1. Decide what shots should be used in the story (can create/edit decision list)
    2. Reshoot additional shots or still shots to enhance the story.
    3. Make sure audio for interviews and voice overs are technically sound.

    Activity 3 (One class)

    1. Finish editing and publish to appropriate file format (AVI, MPEG, etc.)
    2. Upload to Youtube.

              Share the videos shot with the class.

    • Each group introduces the news package
    • They should include any problems they encountered as they shot the package
    • Show the news package
    • Solicit comments from the class about what went well and what could be improved
    1. Assessment

    -          Review packages in class with introductions by the writers and editors. Discuss ways of using different shots for different effects.

    -          Use Rubric to grade the overall package.




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