• Imagine Learning English and Espanol

    New:  Students login through Clever:  https://clever.com/in/wpcsd 

     Clever icon on desktop

    There is a clever icon on the student desktop.

    IPad App

    • The Clever app and the Imaginge Learning Student app must be installed on the iPad first.  Both apps are located in Self-Service or the App Store to download.
    • Login into the Clever app (see instruction link below).
    • After logging into the Clever app on an iPad - you might see the iPad get "stuck" on the screen with the pencil and book - tap the "Done" link on the top left and the dashboard will then display.
    • Select Imagine Learning on the dashboard screen and the Imagine Learning app automatically open up.


    ENL Staff Login:

    Username:   district email address
    Password:    WPsch00ls  (default) 

    Printable Instructions for Clever login