• Mrs. Charriez
    Learning Facilitator and Section 504 Coordinator

    May 2019

    We are now in the fourth quarter.  Please remind students, if they clean out their binders, to save handouts and notes for studying for final exams. 

    Please be sure students are completing high-value assignments such as Earth Science labs, math POWs, essays or projects. Poor grades on these big assignments can be hard to overcome.


      Please be sure to have your student check their planner for upcoming assignments.  Many teachers are posting work to Schoology, so have students check there too!!

    Please be sure students stay current with their Earth Science labs!!!!


    I am Mrs. Charriez, and I am the Learning Facilitator for the 8th grade at Highland Middle School this year.  
    I am looping up to 8th grade with your students to support their needs and growth for the full time here at Highlands. I look forward to continuing working with your students and to helping you support them during these amazing years of growth. 
    I will update my online resources regularly to coincide with the students' curriculum.  
     Extra Help
     In addition to their LSP period, students can come down for Lunch Tutorials.  Please check-in with your child about the opportunity for lunch tutorials.  They can provide a chance to get caught up on homework or for the LSP teacher to re-teach a concept the student might be struggling with.  It is a great time to do a binder clean-out!

    Students need to get a pass from the LSP office to come from the cafeteria for lunch tutorial.  They can get the pass from me during LSP class on the day they want to come to lunch tutorial or the day before.  They can stop down on their way to the cafeteria for a pass. The LSP office has a staff member available to students every period.

    If students bring their own lunch, they do not have to go to the cafeteria, but simply come straight down to the LSP with their lunch and their work.  

    Homework Center meets on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.  The program runs from 2:40 to 4:15.  Students can take the late bus home.  The program is staffed with teachers from most subject areas, so students can get help with any subject from a Highlands teacher.

    Please reach out in an e-mail, if you have any questions or concerns.