Para la semana de 3/30-4/3/20: ALL work is now on Schoology
    1. Para el martes, 3/31: Please submit you second movie character analysis.
    Para la semana de 3/23-3/3/27: SEE Práctica para todas mis clases page for more info
    1. Para el martes, 3/24:Please do part 1 of your independent packet AND email me to check-in (with OR without questions) by Tuesday 3/24. This way I will know that you are keeping tabs on your work. 
    Para la semana de 3/16/20- 3/20/20:
    1. Para el lunes, 3/16:no school- see Wednesday
    2. Para 3/17: no school-see Wednesday.
    3. Para 3/18: no hay
    4. Para 3/19:
    5. Para 3/20: TEACHER CONFERENCE DAY (no classes)
    Para la semana de 3/9/20- 3/13/20:PRESENTATIONS TUESDAY!
    1. Para el lunes, 3/9:work on your presentation IF your draft/visuals cannot be completed in class on Monday
    2. Para 3/10: practice your presentation
    3. Para 3/11:re-read Génesis story and answer part C questions. Choose 8 out of the 12.
    4. Para 3/12:no hay
    5. Para 3/13:
    Para la semana de 3/2/20- 3/6/20:
    1. Para el lunes, 3/2:no hay
    2. Para 3/3:blue packet page 10 part 1 A & B only
    3. Para 3/4:finish page 120 and do page 13 blue packet
    4. Para 3/5:write 4 reactions about the Corona virus
    5. Para 3/6:no hay
    Para la semana de 2/24/20- 2/28/20: NO HW OVER BREAK! TEST FRIDAY on Vocab & Future
    El medio ambiente vocabulario QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 2/24: no hay
    2. Para 2/25:peach packet pgs. 4 & 5. Use notes on Future tense
    3. Para 2/26:original fuuture sentences to be collected
    4. Para 2/27:pgs. 3 & 4 BLUE packet
    5. Para 2/28:estudiar
    Para la semana de 2/10/20- 2/14/20: Examen de Vocabulario Ciudad/Casa/Piso el lunes
    El medio ambiente vocabulario QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 2/10: estudiar para el examen
    2. Para 2/11:en el nuevo paquete rosado, estudia pg. 1 nuevo vocabulario
    3. Para 2/12:pg. 6 & 7 paquete dorado (peach colored)
    4. Para 2/13:pg. 3 paquete dorado
    5. Para 2/14:no hay
    Para la semana de 2/3/20- 2/7/20: 75 point QUIZ on vocab/participles next week!
    1. Para el lunes, 2/3:pg. 5 YELLOW packet AND qwork on presentation due Wednesday.PROJECT
    2. Para 2/4:finish script for project
    3. Para 2/5:practice/memorize your presentation and share power point link with me
    4. Para 2/6:practice/memorize your presentation and share power point link with me
    5. Para 2/7:estudiar
    Para la semana de 1/27/20- 1/31/20:Graded Do Now Friday on vocab only
    1. Para el lunes, 1/27: ¡No hay!
    2. Para 1/28 study the pink vocab packet pg. 1 and do activity packet pg. 4
    3. Para 1/29: study the pink vocab packet pg. 1 and do pg. 5
    4. Para 1/30:do pgs. 3 & 4 in NEW yeloow grammar packet
    5. Para 1/31:do pgs. 8 & 10 in lavender packet & review vocab for a graded Do Now
    Vocabulary for Final exam:
    Adjectives QUIZLET LINK
    Beach vocab Quizlet:LINK
    Camping: QUIZLET  LINK
    Prelininary vocab pg. 1 of pink packet QUIZLET LINK
    Don't forget to stdy the COMPLETE FAMILY vocab list! Family LIST
    Para la semana de 1/13/20- 1/17/20: Find you 2 pink vocab packets and your family vocab list and start reviewing.
    1. Para el lunes, 1/13: read your assigned section of the article and be able to summarize en español in 1-2 sentences. PRACTICE/memorize your lines for anti-bully skit. (you may have an ENGLISH cue card)
    2. Para 1/14: final day to present anti bullying skits. 
    3. Para 1/15: study vocab from whole semester (see links above and do vocabulary worksheet.
    4. Para 1/16:
    5. Para 1/17:
    Para la semana de 1/6/20- 1/10/20: Adjective QUIZ on Wednesday.
    1. Para el lunes, 1/6: No hay
    2. Para 1/7: worksheet
    3. Para 1/8:study for the Adjective QUIZ
    4. Para 1/9: no hay
    5. Para 1/10:finish any work no done in class. Scripts will be due by end of class tomorrow.
    Para la semana de 12/16/19- 12/20/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 12/16: pgs. 5 & 6 in lavender packet
    2. Para 12/17: Do a Quickwrite response to the video "In a Heartbeat" Choose from the 2 options to write about.VIDEO LINK
    3. Para 12/18: study new pink packet (adjectives) QUIZLET LINK
    4. Para 12/19: worksheet on adjectives 
    5. Para 12/20:no hay
    Para la semana de 12/9/19- 12/13/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 12/9: pg. 11 movie packet, 1-24 True/False
    2. Para 12/10:Think about what movie theme you wish to present about.
    3. Para 12/11:pg. 2 in new lavendar packet
    4. Para 12/12:pg. 3 in packet
    5. Para 12/13: prepare/practice for you presentation about the film
    Para la semana de 12/2/19- 12/6/19: NO HW for Thanksgiving!
    1. Para el lunes, 12/2: no hay
    2. Para 12/3:no hay
    3. Para 12/4:movie match-up
    4. Para 12/5:do puzzle in movie packet on pg. 13, using the vocab list on pg. 8
    5. Para 12/6:paragrapch (to be collected) about a scene from the movie that you found interesting. Say what happened and why you chose it.
    Para la semana de 11/25/19- 11/29/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 11/25: finish your picture description paragraph if not done in class
    2. Para 11/26: study imperfect for an in-class descriptive writing
    3. Para 11/27: no hay
    Para la semana de 11/18/19- 11/22/19: Test Tuesday on beach vocab with Preterite Beach vocab Quizlet:LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 11/18:2-sided preterite practice
    2. Para 11/19: estudiar OUTLINE
    3. Para 11/20:no hay
    4. Para 11/21: review your imperfect notes and do translation sheet
    5. Para 11/22:pg. 3 in lavender packet
    Para la semana de 11/11/19- 11/15/19: BIG QUIZ Monday 11/18 on Beach vocab and preterite
    New vocab Quizlet:LINK
    1. Para el martes, 11/12: finish QUICKWRITE based on the song to be collected!
    2. Para 11/13: in the pink packet, study the BEACH vocabulary on pgs. 4-5.
    3. Para 11/14:pgs. 14-15 in green packet
    4. Para 11/15: worksheet  WORKSHEET and get permission slip signed SLIP
    Para la semana de 11/4/19- 11/8/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 11/4: preterite packet pg. 31
    2. Para 11/6: preterite packet pg. 34
    3. Para 11/7:Create a 5 sentence past tense speech about a time you were scared, frustrated OR mad. use a variety of verbs
    4. Para 11/8:complete the worksheet on family vocab worksheet
    Para la semana de 10/28/19- 11/1/19:
    Camping vocab QUIZ on Wednesday! 
    QUIZLET Vocab U1 L1 LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 10/28:study vocab & do worksheet Worksheet
    2. Para 10/29: worksheet- do both sides
    3. Para 10/30: study for camping vocab QUIZ
    4. Para 10/31:workseet on vocab with PRETERITE endings due Friday!
    5. Para 11/1:workseet on vocab with PRETERITE endings (same as above)!worksheet
    Para la semana de 10/21/19- 10/25/19:
    QUIZLET Vocab Unit 1 Lesson 1 LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 10/21:worksheet. Creat 8 original complex sentenses with boot verbs in PRESENT tense TO BE COLLECTED!WORKSHEET
    2. Para 10/22:no hay
    3. Para 10/23:study pink packet vocab list pg 3 all and pg for first set only up to "sin". Prepare an index card to present if you need to
    4. Para 10/24:study vocab and do green packet pg. 12
    5. Para 10/25:
    Para la semana de 10/14/19- 10/18/19:
    1. Para el MARTES, 10/15: ¡No hay!
    2. Para el jueves, 10/17:worksheet on boot verbs
    3. Para 10/18:pg. 7 in yellow packet
    Para la semana de 10/7/19- 10/11/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 10/7:prepare for partner quiz on ser vs estar & conocer vs. saber (review notes and worksheets)
    2. Para 10/8:pg. 5 in new yellow packet
    3. Para 10/10: ¡NO HAY!
    4. Para 10/11: make sure pg. 6 in yellow packet is done. Choose any 10.
    Para la semana de 9/30/19- 10/4/19:
    1. Para el miércoles, 10/2:terminar su bolsa y practicar su presentación
    2. Para 10/3:saber/conocer worksheet. Worksheet Practice your presentation
    3. Para 10/4:review ser/estar/conocer/saber for a partner quiz. Last day for p+resentations!
    Para la semana de 9/23/19- 9/27/19:DRAFTS for paper bage project due Wednesday!
    1. Para el lunes, 9/23:work on gathering picutes for your bag project and start writing.
    2. Para 9/24:work on your bag project
    3. Para 9/25:work on your bag project. Drafts due tomorrow!
    4. Para 9/26:proyecto
    5. Para 9/27:proyecto
    Práctica para la semana de 9/16-9/20/19 QUIZ on GUSTAR verbs on Thursday!
    1. Para el lunes, 9/16: no hay
    2. Para 9/17: make sure gustar worksheet from sub is done
    3. Para 9/18: verbs like gustar worksheet
    4. Para 9/19:study for quiz on GUSTAR and similar verbs
    5. Para 9/20:start collecting icons for your project and writing descriptions
    Práctica para la semana de 9/9-9/13/19
    VOCAB QUIZ MONDAY 9/9! pg 1 pink packet QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 9/9:study pg. 1 of the vocab and do fill-in worksheet as practice for the QUIZ GET PURPLE RULES SHEET SIGNED!
    2. Para 9/10:make a list of at least 20 adjectives that you know
    3. Para 911:Due Thursday, to be graded: bring a picture of a person and write a description with at least 8 adjectives to present to the class.
    4. Para 9/12:picture description due. Practice aloud. It does NOT need to be memorized!
    5. Para 9/13:write a descriptive "Quién soy yo?" of about a famous person and we will try to guess who it is.
    Práctica para la semana de 9/2-9/6/19
    VOCAB QUIZ MONDAY 9/9! pg 1 pink packet
    QUIZLET: Preliminary vocabulary flashcards:QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el martes,  9/3:  NO HAY. Bring water, a pen/pencil and a smile!
    2. Para 9/4: Study vocab on pg. 1 of the new pink vocab list packet
    3. Para 9/5: Study vocab pg. 1 and do pgs. 4 & 5 in green activity packet
    4. Para 9/6: Study vocab and do pgs. 2 & 3 in the green packet