Para la semana de 3/30-4/3/20: All work is now on Schoology!
    1. Para el lunes, 3/30: you should have already submitted the question sheet to go with the sory Los dos reyes... (If not please submit ASAP). Begin gathering info for your art/music project. Use the word document in Schoology to submit a draft by 4/1. The subject must be of Hispanic decent. There is a list in the closure packet, but ou may choose someone who is not on the list as well.
    2. Para 3/31: work on your draft
    3. Para 4/1: draft due
    4. Para 4/2 & 4/3: start working on visuals for your power point slides. Once you get feedback form your notes, you can copy/paste the appropriate info into the corresponding slide.
    Para la semana de 3/23-3/3/27: SEE Práctica para todas mis clases page for more info
    1. Para el martes, 3/24:Please do part 1 of your independent packet AND email me to check-in (with OR without questions) by Tuesday 3/24. This way I will know that you are keeping tabs on your work. 
    Para la semana de /16/20- 3/20/20: FINAL ASSESSMENT TO BE RESCHEDULED on subjunctive (see last page of WEIRDO packet for format)
    2 Electronic practices for Subjunctive forms: CHART   Fill-in
    1. Para el lunes, 3/16:no school- see Wednesday.
    2. Para 3/17: no school-see Wednesday.
    3. Para 3/18: pg. 7 subjunctive packet- read all four situations. Use the expressions given to react/give advice. Watch out for fake weirdos. Do 2/3 for EACH scenario
    4. Para 3/19:
    5. Para 3/20: TEACHER CONFERENCE DAY (no classes)
    Para la semana de 3/9/20- 3/13/20: QUIZ WEDNESDAY on conjugating in the subjunctive
    Subjunctive Summary Sheet REVIEW and Power Point
    1. Para el lunes, 3/9:pg. 2 in subjunctive packet TOP only (1-3) and worksheet on "FOMO"
    2. Para 3/10:worksheet (practice version of the quiz)
    3. Para 3/11:STUDY and do the mini-sheet to practice for the quiz
    4. Para 3/12:pg. 9 in subjunctive packet
    5. Para 3/13:pgs. 3 & 4 in subjunctiove packet (watch out for FAKE weirdos!).
    Para la semana de 3/2/20- 3/6/20:
    Subjunctive Summary Sheet REVIEW and Power Point
    1. Para el lunes, 3/2:no hay
    2. Para 3/3:no hay
    3. Para 3/4:pg. 1 of subjunctive (gold) packet
    4. Para 3/5:pgs. 16-17 of subjunctive packet (you can check answers online) LINK
    5. Para 3/6:pg. 5 gold packet 1-10 only
    Para la semana de 2/24/20- 2/28/20: NO HW OVER BREAK! Volunteers present skits Tues, all others Wednesday! QUIZ Friday on Weirdos as vocab.
    1. Para el lunes, 2/24: no hay
    2. Para 2/25:practice/memorize skit lines (youmay have a cue card with pictures OR English & no more than 6 words in Spanish)
    3. Para 2/26:know your lines and be ready to present
    4. Para 2/27:peach packet bottom of pg. 5 & pg. 6 1-24
    5. Para 2/28:pg. 8 peach packet & study for weirdo QUIZ
    Para la semana de 2/10/20- 2/14/20: PRUEBA de voabulario sobre problemas sociales el miércoles QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 2/10: ejercicio de vocabulario WORKSHEET
    2. Para 2/11: paquete AZUL leer pg. 234 y contestar preguntas pg 235 actividad 20 (it's a self- QUIZ about your stress level so evaluate where you fall!)
    3. Para 2/12:estudiar
    4. Para 2/13:pgs. 1 & 2 new peach packet. Write the definitions of the verb in left margin.
    5. Para 2/14:no hay
    Para la semana de 2/3/20- 2/7/20:Carl stories due Wednesday. Individual mini-story writing on Thursday in class.
    NEW Problema Social Vocab QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 2/3:pgs. 8 & 9 pink packet
    2. Para 2/4:pg. 7 pink packet and study/make vocab list of words you don't know from new blue packet pg. 238
    3. Para 2/5:study vocab and do pg. 218 activities 1 & 2 in blue packet
    4. Para 2/6:review preterite imperfect for an individual mini-story writing in class tomorrow
    5. Para 2/7:read pg. 220 in blue packet and answer questions pg. 221 activity 6. QUIZ Tuesday on the vocab!
    Para la semana de 1/27/20- 1/31/20:
    1. Para el lunes, 1/27: ¡No hay!
    2. Para 1/28: imperfect packet- re-read Rama Seca story and review imperfect ending for a mini-quiz Tuesday
    3. Para 1/29:imperfect packet pgs. 8-9
    4. Para 1/30:new pink preterit-Imperfect pgs. 1 & 2
    5. Para 1/31: pink packet pg. 6 both activities
    Vocab Los deportes al aire libre: LINK
    VOCAB QUIZLET: El mundo de trabajo lesson 1 LINK
    Pg. 27 vocab QUIZLET El mundo de trabajo lesson 2 LINK
    Para la semana de 1/13/20- 1/17/20: QUIZ Tuesday on Preterit conjugations. Extra Credit due Thursday
    1. Para el lunes, 1/13: green packet pgs. 29-30. Use the notes sheet to help you!
    2. Para 1/14: study for QUIZ on pretérite forms without irregulars QUIZLET  WITH irregulars QUIZLET 2
    3. Para 1/15: review imperfect notes and do imperfect packet pgs. 1, 2 and 5.
    4. Para 1/16:pg. 7 imperfect packet
    5. Para 1/17: reading practice sheet AND prteterit/Imperfect which tense? worksheet
    Para la semana de 1/6/20- 1/10/20: NO work over break!
    1. Para el lunes, 1/6:¡No Hay!
    2. Para 1/7: finish gar/car/zar fill-in sheet from class and do Question & Answer sheet 1 -9 only
    3. Para 1/8: green packet pgs. 17-18 and 20 part B only
    4. Para 1/9: green packet pgs. 6-7 A & B. Conjugate same verb 1st in present, then in preterite (example hablo-hablé) due Thursday.
    5. Para 1/10: same as above.
    Para la semana de 12/16/19- 12/20/19: PROJECT PRESENTATIONS WEDNESDAY (everyone expected to be ready)!!!! Tuesday volunteers can present early for a bonus.
    1. Para el lunes, 12/16:IF you do not think you can finish a draft of your presentation by end of class Monday, divvy up tasks and work ahead.
    2. Para 12/17:prepare your cue card for your presentation. In green packet, review boxes on pgs. 12, 13 & 15. DO pgs. 14, 15, 16 and top of 17 only. Volunteers can present Tuesday.
    3. Para 12/18: practice your speaking part of your project. DUE Thursday in green packet review pg. 11 & do 12
    4. Para 12/19: in green packet review pg. 11 and do 12
    5. Para 12/20:no hay
    Para la semana de 12/9/19- 12/13/19: QUIZ Tuesday on pg. 98 sports vocabulary
    1. Para el lunes, 12/9: two worksheets on sports vocab (yellow packet) QUIZ Tuesday
    2. Para 12/10: study for the vocab quiz. Read-to write due Wednesday (to be graded)
    3. Para 12/11: read to write due.GRADED HW
    4. Para 12/12: none- unless you need to gather more pictures for your project.
    5. Para 12/13:New green preterite packet, review endings pg. 1 (in box) and do pgs 1-3 EXCEPT activity B on pg. 3
    Para la semana de 12/2/19- 12/6/19: NO HW for Thanksgiving!
    1. Para el lunes, 12/2:no hay
    2. Para 12/5:in NEW Unit 2 packet make a vocab list in your notebook of the words that you do NOT know well on pg. 98 LINK
    3. Para 12/5:IF working alone, work on a visual for your story dialogue or narrative. Study new sports vocab.
    4. Para 12/6:read pgs. 76-77 in your packet and answer the questions on the worksheet. Final clean copy of story writing due by end of class. 
    Para la semana de 11/25/19- 11/29/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 11/25:no hay
    2. Para 11/26: look up remaining vocab words on last page of stroy packet and define them. 
    3. Para 11/27: no hay
    Para la semana de 11/18/19- 11/22/19:
    Pg. 27 vocab QUIZLET LINK
    1. Para el lunes, 11/18:study pg. 27 in white Mundo de Trabajo packet
    2. Para 11/19:worksheet AND review vocab pgs. 26 & 27 for mock interview on Thursday
    3. Para 11/20: review vocab pgs. 26 & 27 for mock interview on Thursday
    4. Para 11/21: same as above
    5. Para 11/22: no hay
    Para la semana de 11/11/19- 11/15/19: QUIZ Thursday on SER vs. ESTAR
    1. Para el martes, 11/12: worksheet with SER/ESTAR and vocab. Use your notes!WORKSHEET 
    2. Para 11/13:worksheet w/ SER/ESTAR & double meanings. WORKSHEET Plus complete QUIZ outline
    3. Para 11/14: study for QUIZ on SER vs. ESTAR. OPTIONAL worksheet with electronic access LINK
    4. Para 11/15: read intro only to the article and answer the corresponding questions.
    Para la semana de 11/4/19- 11/8/19: Mundo de Trabajo QUIZ WEDNESDAY pg. 26 list
    1. Para el lunes, 11/4: worksheet and complete quiz outline
    2. Para 11/6:study for vocab quiz
    3. Para 11/7:read pg. 14 & highlight ser/estar. Correct false statements pg. 15 act 13, based on what you read
    4. Para 11/8:pg. 12 packet activities 9 & 10
    Para la semana de 10/28/19- 11/1/19:
    1. Para el lunes, 10/28:do the vocab activity based on the Signos de Puntuación list Vocab activityAND write your own WILL (to be collected)WILL
    2. Para 10/29:from the NEW white Mundo de Trabajo packet, make a vocab list in your noteboook of the expressions that you do NOT know on pg. 26 only (or see quizlet above)
    3. Para 10/30: white packet pg. 6 activity 1 & 2 and study vocab
    4. Para 10/31:worksheet on vocab DUE FRI (do all EXCEPT the reading activity)WORKSHEET
    5. Para 11/1:NO HAY (IF you finished the work above)
    Para la semana de 10/21/19- 10/25/19:UNIT test on WHOLE Present Tense is Wednesday! Help on Monday or Tuesday lunch or after school. VERB LIST LINK 
    1. Para el lunes, 10/21:pg. 32-33 packet (you can detach it). You must write complex PRESENT tense sentences, using the different groups of verbs listed on the page numbers for each section. FOLLOW the directions for each part. So, see pg. 2 for the first two sentences for AR/ER boot verbs, etc. TO BE COLLECTED!
    2. Para 10/22: Do 2 worksheets-they are practice for parts of the test!Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2
    3. Para 10/23: estudia para el examen
    4. Para 10/24: no hay
    5. Para 10/25:ejercicio de vocabulario Worksheet 
    Para la semana de 10/14/19- 10/18/19:
    1. Para el MARTES, 10/15: ¡No hay!
    2. Para el jueves, 10/17:yellow packet pgs. 24-25 A-C
    3. Para 10/18:Complete BOTH sides of Question/answer sheet worksheet 
    Para la semana de 10/7/19- 10/11/19: I extended make-ups on pink packet quiz until MONDAY. I will be in the library at lunch!
    1. Para el lunes, 10/7:in yellow packet, review pgs. 26 & 27 and DO activities on pgs. 27 & 28
    2. Para 10/8:brainstorm 5 morals or sayings with a message in ENGLISH!
    3. Para 10/10:¡NO HAY!
    4. Para 10/11: re-read the "Hombre que Tenía 2 Esposas" story for a graded Do Now
    Para la semana de 9/30/19- 10/4/19: DEADLINE to make up pink packet verb QUIZ is Friday, 10/4! Voluntary presentations Wed!
    1. Para el miércoles, 10/2:Reflexive verb sheet WORKSHEET (if not already done), AND practice/memorize your LUGAR FAVORITO presentation
    2. Para 10/3:worksheet. Presentations GROUP A
    3. Para 10/4:finish QUICKWRITE with refelxives if not done in class WORKSHEET. Presentations GROUP B
    Para la semana de 9/23/19- 9/27/19:QUIZ Wed. on all of pink packet.
    1. Para el lunes, 9/23: study the verbs on page 3 and do the activity sheet. WORKSHEET 
    2. Para 9/24: review notes on reflexive verbs & do yellow packet pgs. 14, 17 & 18 (skip 15/16)
    3. Para 9/25:study for quiz on ALL of pink packet and think of a spedial place to use for your oral project (Mi lugar favorito). You will have time after the quiz to work on the drafts.
    4. Para 9/26:finish your draft of your Mi Lugar Favorito presentation.
    5. Para 9/27:optional: make a "heiroglyphic" cue card for our presentation and find a visual of your place for a bonus point.Presentations start Thursday, 10/3 (10/2 volunteers only)
    Para la semana de 9/16/19- 9/20/19:pg. 2 QUIZ pink packet verbs on Friday
    1. Para el lunes, 9/16: estudia los verbos en el paquete rosado pg. 2 columna 2 
    2. Para 9/17:do the boot verb fill-in (see pgs. 3-6 in your packet for help) & do 16A Interwrite activity if not done in class today.There will be a graded DO NOW on boot verbs tomorrow.
    3. Para 9/18:review the information about UAR/IAR verbs and do both activities in the yellow packet, pgs. 7 & 8
    4. Para 9/19:re-read the story on pg. 4 in the fable packet and complete the comprehension questions (actividad C) on pgs.3 & 4
    5. Para 9/20:study pg. 2 in the pink packet
    Para la semana de 9/9/19- 9/13/19 Graded Do Now Monday on pg. 1 of the verb list
    1. Para el lunes, 9/9: study for the graded DO NOW on pg. 1 of the verb list & do the "Antes de salir" worksheet
    2. Para 9/10:NEW yellow packet: review present tense endings on the cover and do both activities on pgs. 1 & 2, conjugating in the present. Study verbs in PINK packet pg. 2 column 1
    3. Para 9/11:PD. 2 ONLY: Finish the Interwrite worksheet from class and review pg. 2 column 1 verb list (period 3 does not have the assembly and will get class time).
    4. Para 9/12:same as above
    5. Para 9/13:pg. 22 A-C is yellow packet (see list of verbs pgs. 19-20)
    Para la semana de 9/2/19
    1. Para el martes, 9/3: ¡trae un bolígrafo, agua y una sonrisa!
    2. Para 9/4: Finish personal info sheet if you did not do so in class for tomorrow. FOR THURSDAY: Pink summer verb packet- estudia pg. 1 columna 1 SOLAMENTE! QUIZLET LINK
    3. Para 9/5: Pink summer verb packet- estudia pg. 1 columna 1 Y termina el  "do now" si no terminaste en clase. DO NOW
    4. Para 9/6: Pink summer verb list, study page 1 column 2