• Welcome to 6th Grade Art with Mr. Bond!!!
     6th Grade Art provides an opportunity for students to build upon the fundamentals the come in with from Elementary School.  This course will focus on building strong drawing fundamentals as well as fostering students' creative processes.
    Students will receive a letter grade on their report card at the end of each quarter. Parents are encouraged to keep track of student grades using Infinite Campus. Please allow 10 days from the due date of an assignment for the grade to be posted as that date represents the last day students will have to work on the assignment in class.  Although work should be completed at this time, students can still come in at lunch and work on any unfinished art.
    Each Quarter students will complete 3-4 Projects, which comprise 75% of their Quarter Grade.  Projects are assignments that students will be working on in class. Students are expected to turn in their assignments by the due date. Projects will be evaluated using a rubric.  If students miss class or fall behind, they can make up work during their lunch period. Students have until the end of the marking period to make up work without penalty.
    The other 25% of the student's grade is based on class participation.  Participation includes the following:
    Coming to class on time and prepared
    Participating in class discussions and activities
    Staying focused on assignments during work time
    Classroom behavior
    Adhering to due dates for assignments
    I look forward to a fun, creative, and productive semester. 
    Click below to link to White Plains Visual Arts Standards
    Art Standards