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     Important Information: 

    Home/School Folder:

    ·         Your child will have a folder labeled “Homework.” This folder will be used for bringing notices, homework sheets, and other correspondence home, as well as for returning signed permission slips, notes, and homework back to school.

    ·         PLEASE check your child’s backpack regularly. Papers and notices may not always make it into folders, and your child may need help in keeping things organized.


    ·         Homework will generally be assigned Monday through Thursday of each week. Students may also be working on several projects during the year that require them to pace themselves in their work over a longer period of time. Homework should be handed in on time unless there is a written note from you. Homework should be completed neatly.

    ·         If you have not already done so, I encourage you to help your child find a quiet place where he or she can work independently, with the tools necessary for completing homework close at hand. Your child may have approximately 35-40 minutes of homework per night in addition to at least 30 minutes of reading.

    Agenda Book:

    ·         Your child will be recording homework assignments in his/her agenda book on a daily basis. If you wish, you may also use the book to communicate with me. If you do so, please make sure your child knows to put it in the “notes” bin the following morning. Please put notes about alternate dismissal arrangements or absence excuse notes on a separate piece of paper. Without a note, your child will be dismissed in his or her usual way.


    ·         Most days we need a little snack to give us a boost. Pretzels, graham crackers, or “Goldfish” are good choices.  Baby carrots or small apples are also great choices. Please refrain from sending in candy, sugary cookies, or soda.  Thank you for your support.


    ·         Children may wish to celebrate their birthday in class. I appreciate your help in keeping things simple and healthy!  Please let me know ahead of time when you wish to send in birthday treats.