• Slowly increase your fiber! Fiber will make you feel full longer and it helps take all the bad stuff out of your body. We should get 25-30 grams of fiber per day. That is about 6 medium apples. Click the link below to get all the info on how much fiber is in any food.
    • DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! 9 (Women) to 13(Men) cups of water A DAY! Yes it sounds like a lot but notice the difference you feel after a few days. Don't believe me, click on the link below and read the article from the MayoClinic.
    • "DO" you know how much water we need to drink per day? First, lets see how much water our bodies lose in an average day:
                     Urine                         1.5 liters
                    Breathing/Poo/Sweat  1.0 liters
                     Total                          2.5 liters/day
              We get about half a liter of water in the food we eat, leaving two liters,
    or about 8 glasses, of water a day to break even!!!!
    Below please find a great shopping list to take when you go shopping!!
    Thanks Dr. Oz!! 
    Shopping List  
     HOW DO I EAT?????? I do my best to eat a good breakfast everyday!  Its easy!!
    You can prepare everything the night before and put it in a pan in the morning and it takes 5 Minutes!!!
    This is an egg white omelet  with spinach and cheese.  YUMMY!!
    My Breakfast!  


Last Modified on September 17, 2014