Highlands Clubs and Activities 2020-21

    Courier Newspaper Ms. Tschinkel

    Courier Schoology Course 3NR2-ZQV8-CSGP7


    Digital Art - Ms.Thornton

    Digital Art Schoology Coarse -R9HH-8B4W-MDRJC

    Earth Team -Ms. Phelan

    Earth Team Schoology Course 76MR-559H-6TGDB


    Fine Art Club - Mr. Bart

    Fine Art Club Schoology Course 268S-QRSB-JBP5P


    Art Club - Ms. Thorton

    Art Club Schoology Course X645-WF4G-F3VXZ


    Guitar Club 2 Mr. Donnelly

    Guitar Club Schoology Course D8ZB-65HJP-BKWFZ


    Highlands Teen Fit Mr. Harrison

    Teen Fit Schoology Course QJB8-Q9KJ-XZCPM


    International Club – Multicultural Cooking and Crafts Ms. Lopez

    Schoology course code M78P-R4HS-DKFGC

    Jazz Band Mr. Veeder

    Jazz Band Schoology course code 5H9Q-B6XJ-MPNN3

    National Junior Honor Society - Ms. Guarrin & Ms. Powers

    NJHS Schoology course code: D3JN-3CW4-ZZ85Q


    Roaring Book Club - Ms. Cristiano

    Book Club Scoology Course GNXQ-TK59-99BM9

    Student Organization

    S.O. Schoology Course KWW3-BGKG-Q2RNH


    Talent Show  Ms. Davila & Ms. Melendez

    Talent Show Schoology Course 8VKK-3R7D-56M3T


    Yearbook – Ms. Henzi and Ms. Thornton

    Yearbook Schoology Course Q62X-HQKR-DBMXF

    Chess Club Mr. Barnes

    Schoology Course -3GS2-4KVD-J6PFD

    Community Service - Mr. Lupia

    CS Schoology Course Q8XB-QNZX-WR2TR 


    Coding Club - Mr. Trunkely

    Coding Club Schoology Course Code 2CXR-JZ9V-GTFPV

    Roaring Readers Book Club - Ms. Cristiano

    Book Club Schoology Course GNXQ-TK59-99BM9

    Highlands Movie Club Mr. Muigai

    Movie Club Schoology access code PSRJ-MG76-KV4KW


    Mindfulness/Relaxation Club Coach Adams

    Mindfulness/Relazation Club Schoology Course 3TXP-G9VM-W95GP