Honors Forensic Science 2nd Quarter Project

    Case Study 



    Name __________________________ Date ______________  Period _______


    Forensic Science Case Study Report Sheet



    Title of Case: _______________________________________________________________


    Case Details: Summarize the case


    In this section, you are to research a real-life crime that used specific evidence in a criminal or civil case. In this summary, you should include

    • What happened? Give a description of the crime

    • Who was involved?

    • Where did it happened?

    • Other relevant information.



    The Evidence

    In this section, describe how the evidence was collected and analyzed, its significance to the case, and the outcome of the case. 

    • What was it?

    • Where was it found?

    • How was it analyzed?

    • What did it mean to the case?



    The Science

    In this section, you will describe the science behind the forensic analysis of the evidence from your case. Describe the scientific concepts, such as the refraction of light, the structure and function of DNA , or how the MS-GC works, that allows you to analyze the evidence.  



    Outcome/Results of case:

    • What happened in the end?

    • How was the case resolved?

    • Was there a trial?

    • Any key “turning points” in the trial?

    • What was the verdict?

    • What is the present status of the case and the suspect?


    Other Relevant Facts:



    Resources- list of URLs/ books/ articles used:


     Works Cited/References page (Chicago style) (Citation Page Maker)(EasyBib.com)

    • Includes the full references

    • Includes at least 3 references





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