• Grading


    HOMEWORK - Homework will be assigned daily in class and will be checked the following day at the beginning of class.

    Homework will account for 15% of your quarter grade.


    TESTS - Students will be given a test at the end of every unit. They will be aware of when these tests are scheduled. Each test will be worth 100 points. If the student misses a test for any reason they must see Mrs. Kelly to schedule a time for the test to be made up. There are about 3 tests each marking period. Tests will account for 40% of your quarter grade.


    QUIZZES - A pop quiz will be given at least once a week and will contain mostly homework questions. Any student who misses a quiz has one week to make it up before it counts as a zero. There will be about 5 quizzes each quarter. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. Quizzes will account for 25% of your quarter grade.


    POWS(weekly Homework)- There will be assessment problems given throughout the each quarter. (POWs, embedded assessments, check points, etc. The lowest score will be dropped. These will account for 20% of your quarter grade. There will be about 5 each quarter.