• Welcome Class Parents!


    While the class parent’s role varies with each grade and with each teacher, there are several basic functions which remain the same:


    Collecting Contact Information for the Class. 

    • This is the list that everyone wants. It helps families plan play dates and birthday parties and is the key to staying up to date with the needs of the teacher, PTA, and school. GWPTA is prohibited from sharing student information, so collection and disbursement is very helpful.  
    • One of the class parent’s first priorities should be to obtain and organize a class list. This can start at open house, and will conclude with flyers sent to those families who could not make it. Once all the information is gathered, the class parent should make a uniform list and send it to the teacher for distribution. 


    Assist the teacher with parent communication needs.

    • Class Parents and Class Helpers are vital in helping our teachers create fun activities in class while allowing the teachers to remain focused on their primary role - educating our children. 
    • Throughout the year, your teacher may plan and coordinate a variety of classroom celebrations for any number of occasions. It is a much more organized process, when the teacher can solicit and organize these things (supplies, volunteers, donations etc.) through one or two parents.


    Act as a Liaison Between the Classroom and the PTA.

    • You will receive periodic emails from the GWPTA. These emails are to remind the GWPTA community of upcoming events, solicit volunteers for programs, or request participation in fundraising events.
    • We ask that our class parents channel these communications to their child’s class; not everyone is on the general email list, so your actions will make sure the greater population is in the loop with what’s going on at GWPTA.

    We wanted to provide you with some basic tools, just to get you started but you may also work with your classroom teacher to create forms and letters:

    • Thank you for Volunteering - This is an introductory letter from the VP, Class Parent that will help youget started
    • Back to School Night Speech - This is your guiding principal as class parent; use it during open school night, or any other time you're asked about your role as a class parent           
    • Introductory Letter to Parents - (English and Spanish version) Use this letter to collect working funds for the class as well as contact information
    • Class Contact Sheet - Use this sheet to collect and organize contact information for families in your child's class


    Questions or Comments are always welcome!


    Attn: VP, Class Parents

Class Parents