• Welcome to Mrs. Lee-Huh's Physics Regents Class! 


    Course Description

    The Physics program involves the study of the physical world: energy, matter, and how they are related. Physicists investigate the motion of electrons and rockets, the energy in sound waves and electric circuits, the structure of the proton and of the universe. This class ends in a Regents Exam! 

    Course Syllabus here. 

    Grading Policy

    Grades are weighted as follows according to the WPHS Physics Department Guidelines:

             Quarterly Exams:         10%

             Unit Tests:                     25%

             Quizzes:                        20%

             Labs:                             20%

             HW & CW:                    25%


    New York State mandates that all students complete at least 1200 minutes of lab work with “satisfactory” lab reports. Therefore, it is vital, not only for your class grade but to gain acceptance to the Regents Exam that you make-up and missed labs. Make sure you talk to me about when you can make-up labs you missed.