1.                Read Aloud: The class will read a book together. I will read aloud while the children follow in their own copy. Reading aloud to the children provides me with the opportunity to model certain reading behaviors such as predicting, questioning, making connections, and observations.


     2.               Independent Reading: The children will be allowed to select and read a book of their choice just before writer's workshop. This gives the children a chance to practice the reading strategies modeled during the read aloud. Each child is expected to respond to the books in their reading journal. They may also recommend the book to the class if the wish.

     3.               Guided Reading: The class will work in groups reading an assigned book. We discuss the story setting, characters, plot, important events, and solution. We also discuss strategies for better comprehension shuch as main idea, sequencing, using details from the text to respond to questions, and cause and effect.