• The Writing Process

    Writing is a process. There are several steps that should be followed before publishing a particular piece of work.

     #1Seed Ideas 

    •      Choose a topic
    •      Plan your writing      



                      #2  Drafting 

    ·       Write a first draft.
    ·       Get your ideas down.
    ·       Don’t worry about mistakes.


    #3 Conferencing and Revising

    ·       Read your draft thoughtfully.
    ·       Make your ideas clear.
    ·       Check the order.
    ·       Think of strong verbs and
          nouns that help create a clear 
                   mental picture.
    ·       Decide what ideas work
          and what ideas don’t work



                #4   Editing

    ·       Read your draft carefully.
    ·       Use proofreading marks.
    ·       Correct spelling mistakes.
     ·      Check capital letters
          and punctuation.



    #5   Publishing and Sharing       

    ·       Think of a good title.
    ·       Make a clean copy and check it over.
    ·       Find ways to share your writing.